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Tattoos are great, but we all know that they come at a risk. How many times have you seen a tattoo with a spelling mistake, a lion that looks like a strange kitten or a Chinese symbol that is meant to say ‘destiny’ but actually says ‘chicken chow mein’.

Tattoos are painful, expensive and last forever so if you’re not ready to take the plunge into the body art world just yet, then these will give you a little taste for the wild side. The Tattoo Sleeves allow you to test out how cool you would look with a full sleeve, without any heavy sessions at the tattoo parlour. Two sleeves are included in the pack, one black and white and one coloured. They are just like decorated tights for your arm and are made from nylon and anlun. Wear them both at once, or one a time and see how many times you’ll be complimented on your awesome tats bro!

PS. These are also ideal for scaring your parents or boss!

Product Features

  • Two tattoo sleeves
  • One coloured and one black and white
  • Just like tights for your arms
  • Instant body art!
  • 2 different styles

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