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Ted Backpack Clip

Mini Ted's on the go

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Product Description

Seth Macfarlane has recently brought out his debut film this year and in the first weekend of its release it became the highest grossing R rated comedy of all time. To celebrate this great achievement we’ve collected some of the cutest Teds we could find and this was the result.

These Ted Back Pack clips may be small in size but they are still jam packed with all the rudeness and crude comments you would expect from such a teddy. Squeeze his tummy to hear one of his elegantly phrased expressions such as “Stick your finger in the loop of my tag” and some softer ones like “I wuv you”. The perfect example of why you should never judge a book by its cover, as Ted isn’t as cute and fluffy as he first seems.

Probably the only teddy you can carry around with you all the time without being picked on.

Phrases include:

  • I look like something you give your kid when you tell them grandma died.
  • C'mon, I don't sound that much like Peter Griffin.
  • That's my bad, I was sending a tweet.
  • The Brewski run.
  • I wuv you.
  • Okay, alright, so that's where we'll draw the line.
  • You know what I’d like to do to her, something I call a Dirty Fozzie.
  • Will you take care of me forever and ever!
  • Good talk Coach.
  • Stick your finger in the loop of my tag.
  • C’mere ya bastard.
  • I didn't know you had a baby, is it alive?

Product Features

  • Official talking Ted backpack clips
  • Squeeze tummy to hear classic Ted phrases
  • Clip him onto bags, keys etc.

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Great Gift - Review by sophie

I bought this as a stocking filler for my boyfriend for Xmas.I think it was his favourite gift. Absolutely hilarious. We're both big fans of the film and this portable Ted is great! Well made, funny phrases, brilliant price. A must have for any fan!