Telescopic Fly Swatter

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Telescopic Fly Swatter

For those hard to reach flies

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It’s late at night, you’re tired and slowly drifting off into the land of nod. Everything seems right with the world as you sink deeper into your mattress. Then, out of nowhere… buzzzzzz BUUUZZzzzzz BUUZZZ. Where is that noise? Why does it keep coming right at me then disappearing? Why can’t it shut up and go away?!

Because it’s a fly and they’re put on this earth solely to keep our blood pressure up. Not for much longer our furry flying friends! The Telescopic Fly Swatter is the perfect fly hunting accessory. No more searching for a newspaper to roll up or using your sisters flip flop; this ingenious swatter can extend from 29cm to an impressive 73cm. A handy target is printed on the swatter so you and your friend can compete for precision shots.

R.I.P Mr Fly.

Product Features

  • Extendable fly swatter
  • Extends up to 73cm
  • Reach the highest flies
  • Use on all insects and pests
  • Target printed on swatter
  • Hanging hook on handle
  • Measures approx. 29cm (not extended)

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