The Everything Chair

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The Everything Chair

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Product Description

If comfort and entertainment are at the top of your list when chair shopping then this is the ideal buy! With so many features, you’ll definitely have the best seat in the house.

The inflatable Everything Chair literally does have everything you could possibly need so let’s start from the very top of this media throne. Two awesome speakers are built into the headrest to immerse you into the world that is on screen or alternatively, plug any music device into the 3.5mm jack. Next to the aux cable is a small pocket to hold your smart phone or music player.

The fact that it is inflatable means the chair will mould around your body keeping you nice and comfy, plus it comes with a foot pump and puncture repair kit in case of any accidents. You will find pockets on either side of the chair to hold magazines, games, dvds or books and four pockets on the front to hold phones and remotes. Each arm has a sunken standard sized cup holder, perfect to fit cans and small bottles.

So to conclude, if you would like everything you need to be in one place, using minimal effort at all times then this chair is the chair for you.

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Product Features

  • Inflatable media chair
  • Shortlisted gift of the year 2013
  • Two speakers in head rest
  • 3.5mm jack – plug in your audio device
  • Small pockets for phones, iPods and remote
  • Larger pockets store magazines, tablets, munch etc.
  • Sunken cup holders
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Chair measures approx. 57cm x 61cm x 57cm
  • Seat measures approx. 31cm x 30cm

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