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The Frustrator Puzzle

Dangerously addictive

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Product Description

The Frustrator is exactly what it says on the tin, a dangerously addictive puzzle game that you won’t be able to put down.

With 118 levels of pure, agonising frustration, you will have to twist, tip and angle the Frustrator to get your ball bearing to roll up the track all the way to the finishing point. Sure, its sounds easy, but when you see this twisty turny track you might change your mind - especially since the further you go, the harder it gets!

Challenge your friends and family to this super addictive, rage inducing game and see who comes out victorious! The Frustrator Puzzle requires all the balance, co-ordination and skill you can muster and will have you saying ‘just one more go’ or ‘I nearly had it then’ over and over again.

Product Features

  • Super addictive 3D puzzle ball
  • Twist, tip, and balance all the way to the end
  • 118 levels for you to conquer
  • Brightly coloured twisty turny track
  • Surprisingly addictive game
  • Requires balance, co-ordination and skill

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