The Hornet Winch RC Gyro Helicopter

The worlds first winch RC helicopter!

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Product Description

For as long as we’ve sold helicopters, the burning question from staff and customers has always been ‘can this helicopter carry beer?’ Well, sadly we’re not quite there yet but the Hornet 3 Channel Winch helicopter is an excellent start!

This little chopper not only has a winch with a grappling hook attachment, but also comes supplied with a carry basket so you can rescue those frightened Lego men from the evil one-legged Barbie (yeah, we’ve got some pretty vivid imaginations here at RED5)!

The Hornet Winch helicopter also has a built-in gyro that gives stable and nimble flight so that you can pick things up from the tightest of spaces in the quickest time – we know how important those rescue missions are! The 3-channel flight gives ultimate manoeuvrability, but it definitely takes practice to make those pick-ups smooth and fast! It’s perfect for those who need that extra challenge.

We’ve put together a few ideas for you to try with your new chopper:

  • Passing notes to work mates across the office (we love blowing piles of paperwork off people’s desks).
  • If giving your loved one your last Rolo is becoming stale, why not try air-delivery for that extra spectacle and excitement?!
  • Thinking about proposing? Why not deliver the ring in style? Do try not to take your intended’s eye out though – if you’re thinking about this we’d recommend a few test flights first ;)

Your suggestions are welcome too – if you’ve got any ideas, just let us know in the Facebook comments section below!

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Product Features

  • Remote control helicopter with winch and basket
  • Hanging basket can raise and lower whilst the helicopter is in flight
  • Built-in gyro enables smooth and stable flight
  • 3 channel control
  • Charge using USB cable or remote control
  • Searchlights for night-time missions
  • Measures approx. 19cm x 10.5cm
  • Main rotor measures 19cm in diameter

Technical Specifications

  • Charge in 45 minutes via USB or handset to give 6-8 minutes of flight time (approx.)
  • 3.7v Li-poly rechargeable battery (helicopter)
  • Infra-red transmitter
  • Range of 10m
  • Basket can carry 6.5g (approx.)
  • Requires 6 x AA batteries

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WOW - Review by Beth

Super cool little heli, the first I’ve seen with a winch! Really good control although I wish it could take a little more weight, but other than that its going down as one of my top helis!