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Stinger 3 Channel Gyro Missile

Missile firing helicopter

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Product Description

At RED5 we are big fans of any flying objects, whether that’s helicopters, aeroplanes or pigs, we love them all and are always welcoming more into our world. The newest addition to our Heli troupe is the V398 Stinger 3.5 Channel Missile Helicopter. Yes it’s fun chasing others around the room, but this fun is intensified, amplified and multiplied when you can fire at them!

Pack your barrel with the 6 missiles and you’re ready to take down the enemy with its amazing hovering abilities and 360o accurate positioning and rotating. Shoot either single missiles or use the continuous button for rapid firing. The 3.5 channel allows you to move up, down, left, right, forwards and back with ease while the gyro stabiliser steadies your flight and keeps its smooth throughout. With the dazzling bright lights across the helicopter you can still be seen during night flight and the 3.7v lithium battery will keep you going on for a longer flight time.

Get your friends to join in the fun too and have up to 3 helicopters flying and firing together. Spare parts are included in the pack so your safe for the first few bumps and crashes.

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Product Features

  • Remote control missile firing 3.5 channel helicopter
  • 360o accurate positioning and rotating
  • 6 missiles in the barrel at once
  • Shoot with either single shots or continuous rapid fire
  • Stable hover
  • Automatic demonstration
  • Dazzling bright lights
  • Gyro stabilizer
  • Measures approx. 19cm x 6cm 12cm
  • Main rotor measures approx. 18cm in diameter

Technical Specifications

  • 3.7 v lithium polymer battery (helicopter)
  • Flying range up to 15-25 metres
  • Flight time approx. 8 minutes
  • 3 frequencies available
  • Requires 6 x AA batteries (handset)


  • 1 x v398 missile helicopter
  • 1 x remote controller
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 8 x missiles
  • 2 x spare rotors
  • 2 x spare blades
  • 1 x instruction manual

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gyro helicopter - Review by serif

I bought the helicopter it took me 2 weeks to learn how to fly it crashed it many times amazed it still works fantastic product now i am used to it so much fun

Decent - Review by Mohamad

Good helicopter I had bought this on the 15 of august and it lasted us 2 days until the bOtton blade stopped spinning so all I was left with was a helicopter that just kept on spinning on the floor I would like to hear from red 5 soon but other than that a good helicopter

RED5 says: “Hi there, we are sorry to hear that you are having some problems with your Stinger Helicopter. If you could contact our customer service team at they will be able to help :)”

Great Gadget - Review by Mohamed

Great helicopter...for 30 quid nothing flies better and longer..

Just one issue my stinger stopped working, it make a buzzing sound but does not fire... still a five star heli.

RED5 says: “Hi there Mohamed, sorry to hear your Stinger isn't firing missiles. Please contact us at and we will get this sorted for you as quickly as possible.”

I absolutely love it, but wondering if I could get spare missiles - Review by Nicholas

Absolutely great, it is perfect for someone like me who is new to flying, I wanted to know if I could get spare missiles because they are super easy to lose.

RED5 says: “Hi there Nicholas, thank you for your review. Please contact our lovely Customer Service Team and I'm sure they will be able to get you some :).”

great for beginners!! - Review by paul

I bought this for my littlun for xmas,I'm on it more than him,excellent fun with the missiles,and really easy to control,my boy flew it awesome after about half hour,he's only 6,great price aswell!!

Spare blades - Review by Emily

This is a fantastic toy but wondered if u sell spare blades?

RED5 says: “Hi there Emily, unfortunately we don't currently sell spare parts on our website for this model however please contact our lovely Customer Service Team and they will be able to help :)”

Great Gadget - Review by Ray

Had this bought for my birthday. Great fun and easy to fly. Liking the rocket launcher and the different coloured LEDs look great flying in the dark. Shame it doesn't fly longer between charges, but understandable given the size and demands on the Nano motors.

Amazing - Review by Matthew

This helicopter is amazing! And thanks to the wonderful RED5 customer service team spares arrive within 2 days. Great buy.

Sarah - Review by Sarah

Bought this for my 10 year old son for Christmas, a week later he has been unable to play with it as it won't fly, it just falls to the ground.

RED5 says: “Oh no, we’re terribly sorry to hear this, if you contact our lovely Customer Services team they should be able to help you :)”

Finding Spare Missiles - Review by Heather

Bought the U4 as a stocking filler for my son, he has had hours of fun, bought this for him and he has had great fun firing the missiles only problem is finding the missiles. Where can we get spares?

RED5 says: You can find spare missiles here Heather :) :"

Bryan C. - Review by Bryan C.

This helicopter is good value for money, although there are some teething problems when trying to re-charge using the USB. Unfortunately, as good as the firing capability is, replacement missiles are as rare as rocking horse poo.

I've managed to get one spares kit at a very reasonable price, but I wanted to purchase more for other friends and members of the family.
I'm hoping RED5 wont let me down. I wait to find out.

RED5 says: "You can find a kit that includes some spare missiles in our helicopter spares section: and if you drop our CS team an email once you've placed your order they will be able to pop some extra missiles in there for you."

Small but mighty - Review by Kiran

It can fly as high as you like and easily turns with a slight turn of the remote control knobs. Easy to control. Missiles are a great feature of this helicopter, although try not to lose them! The propellers can be quite fragile; after of few weeks of purchasing it the lower set did begin to stop rotating entirely. Nevertheless I am now on a mission to find an exchange or advice. A great toy worth its money and much fun for the adults as well as the kids!

It really is good, not like the others - Review by Linda

My grandson, 11 years old, asked me for a RED5 Missile Stinger helicopter for a Christmas present. I was reluctant, as we have had bad experiences with other makes. However, I went ahead and ordered. After a short delay with deliveries, and wonderful liason with Customer Services, the helicopter arrived in good time and on Christmas morning it was a huge success. It flies beautifully with great control (not like the other makes). As a result, my son in law, 40+, bought a bigger one for himself and two smaller ones for gifts. Well done RED5. The men in my family are very happy.

What a stinger! - Review by Christopher

This is a fantastic machine. Its controls are so accurate and it is almost indestructible. The batteries last much longer than expected.

Best christmas present ever... - Review by Lynne

I bought the Stinger Missile RC Helicopter for my husband as a Christmas present. Our 6yr old son received an Air Hogs version for Christmas. The Stinger was far better quality and easier to control. The missiles fire a treat (the Air Hog ones didn't). My husband loves the helicopter, and now my son wants one too. Great buy as you can even charge up through the computer...

One Happy Boyfriend... - Review by Lj

After much of his shameless heavy hinting I decided to get my boyfriend an RC Helicopter for Christmas! I wanted something a beginner could handle but with extra fun (i.e the missiles) and this helicopter does not disappoint! It looks extremely cool with its flashing lights (turn off optional), it's very sturdy (it's survived many a collision with the furniture plus comes with spare parts), is easy to fly once you've got a feel for the controls and the missiles are good fun to torment the family. It exceeded my expectations for sure and I was itching to get my hands on the controllers myself...All in all a Christmas hit!

Favorite present this christmas! - Review by john

Hover up from behind the couch, swing by the coffee table and emerge stationary in the air beside the armchair to unleash a rapid fire barrage of missiles on unsuspecting friends or family. No more fighting over the remote with your own lounge sized aerial gunship. The most fun I've had for under £30 in a long time. The only downside is that my tail rotor stopped working after a few days - still great value though, and otherwise would be 5 star.

Best helicopter ever - Review by Silly

I love helicopters then I got bored so I went to RED5 and I found the one helicopter that looked amazing so i got it. It was working good but when people went in front of the remote it fell down.

RED5 says: “Hi there, it's because this is an infrared helicopter so breaking the infrared beam will cause the helicopter to stop working.”