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Product Description

First it was the wheel. Then it was sliced bread. Then along came the TV, which was quickly followed by the TV remote! Our lives are continuously enriched, with fabulous inventions and surely nothing could beat the wonderment that is the TV remote, right? Wrong! The magical hand held gadget that turns over the TV by the simple press of a button, and without the need to remove our bums from the sofa, has been improved again! Apparently you don't need buttons anymore, as a simple flick of the wrist, can act as one of 13 actions.

There are pre-set functions, but if your time at Hogwarts has taught you well, you can place the wand in 'learning mode' and reassign them to whatever you want.
Don't think this is merely a fantastic new way to control the TV. It will actually work with anything that requires an infrared remote such as a Hi-Fi or video recorder etc.

We stumbled upon these magic wands on a railway platform and it turns out there's a young lad with glasses looking for them, so we need to get rid of them faster than you can say Expelliarmus. If you want one of these why not pop down to Ollivanders, or alternatively for any muggles you can always buy from RED5! ;)

Product Features

  • Control your TV with a flick of the wrist
  • Also compatible with other appliances that use infrared
  • 13 pre-set functions
  • Learning mode to assign your own commands
  • Can be used with more than one device
  • Previous experience in magic and wizardry not needed!
  • As seen on Dragons Den!
  • Measures approx. 35cm in length

Technical Specifications

  • Requires 2 x AA batteries (demo batteries included)
  • Uses infra-red to transmit


  • 1 x magic wand
  • 1 x instruction manual
  • 1 x high quality lined presentation case

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Magic for muggles! - Review by Penny Buchan

I found it relatively easy to get used to setting up the actions to different buttons ,10 minutes to familiarise myself with different actions.
It works for all infra red remotes including Sky remotes, tried and tested. And because there are 13 different actions to programme you can use some actions for a different remote control.
I'm not much of a harry potter fan but still found this gadget highly entertaining.

Televisionus Onivus - Review by Bronwyn Coveney

Not always great with technology, I was a bit daunted when I was trying the wand for the first time. The instructions are straightforward and simple, with just a touch of whimsical so it feels like something from Ollivanders. Unlike a universal remote, which automatically matches itself to the TV and DVD player and never seem to work, The Wand has a clearly explained teaching system so that you pick the command you want the wand to learn and you pick the action that does it. And it does literally work with anything infra red. I have even flown helicopters with it, wingardium leviosa!

I'm a wizard!!! - Review by Chris Stone

initially a little difficult to get used to, but with a little practice i now can control everything in my living room with this amazing wand. Feels authenic, instructions are clear and precise as well. Very good fun, awesome for impressing guests as well.

Flickus wristimus! - Review by Luke Iley

Yep, for any budding wizard, witch or warlock this is the item for you. Changing a TV channel or muting your hifi has never been so much fun. The wand is really elegantly designed and the weighting of it is perfect. It does take a bit of practice to perfect the motions but the time spent mastering the wand is its own reward. Great fun for adding a bit of flamboyance to everyday banality. Get one.