Thinking Putty

Bouncy, gooey, stretchy, smashy fun!

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Product Description

If you fancy having your mind blown then the Thinking Putty’s will definitely do that! This weird concoction from Crazy Aarons lab can be smashed, stretched, bounced, snapped, squished and melted. Being a dilatant compound, they are able to take on any shape that you want them to. Leave them alone and they will spread out like a liquid, slam it on your desk hard enough and they will shatter!

The Thinking Putty’s come in a range of magical colours that glow in the dark, colours that are heat sensitive and colours that are so metallic and awesome, your brain might just explode. These trippy and addictive putty’s can help with co-ordination, hand strength and are most definitely a cure for boredom and fidgety fingers.

Super Illusions

An explosion of colour united with shininess and unbelievable shades. The Super Illusions range of Thinking Putty’s are a mix of colours you have never laid eyes upon before. These mystifying creations come to life when you shine a light around them, exploding with more radical colour bursts and an irresistible sleekness.

Heat Sensitive Hyper Colours

Thermochromics is a big word and if you don’t know what it means, it is defined as a substance that can change colour due to a change in temperature which is exactly what these balls of goo do! You can literally leave your print on these colourful miracles. Stick your Thinking Putty in the fridge for a while and mix it with a warm blob to create rainbow like swirls, hand prints and splats.

Super Magnetics

The Super Magnetics Thinking Putty comes with a cool ceramic magnet and one hell of a party trick! This incredible putty has mind-blowing magnetic properties, that when put in the presence of a magnetic field it’s magnetic forces align – attracting some things and repelling others!

This putty can be used to make objects dance, twist, spin and move using attraction and repulsion, not to mention all the other cool stuff like moulding, bouncing and stretching that Thinking Putty does too! 

UV Reactive Phantoms

We think we have saved the best one til last. Not only do you get the stretchy gooeyness with this range, but a special UV light too. This UV light allows you to draw and write straight on to the Thinking Putty! Creating a burnt like mark onto the goo, the UV light turns white goo into purple and a soft pearlescent green goo into blue. Not only is this goo able to change its appearance under UV light but when there is no light, it glows vividly!

Just like playdough for adults, with no strange smell, non-stickiness, no stains and non-greasy magicness these are a sure fire way to keep yourself entertained for hours on end.

Product Features

  • Addictive malleable gooiness
  • Perfect for fidgety fingers
  • Bounce it, snap it, smush it, stretch it and smash it
  • Magical colours
  • Glow in the dark versions
  • Use the UV light provided to change the goo’s colour
  • Heat sensitive version
  • Awesome metallic rainbow version
  • Handy storage tin
  • Odourless
  • Non-stick and non-greasy
  • Like playdough for adults

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