Thirst Extinguisher Mug

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Thirst Extinguisher Mug

Put out your fiery thirst

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Product Description

Do you know someone or suffer yourself from thirst? Millions of people are thirsty everyday but are too lazy to go get a drink. This mug will take you through a step by step guide of how to make yourself a thirst quenching brew.

It may be a little tongue in cheek but we like the simplicity of this mug. Printed with the fire extinguisher design, the Thirst Extinguisher Mug contains all the instructions and capacity you need to rehydrate yourself. Once you have said mug in your hand you need to follow the simple instructions 1. Boil kettle. 2. Fill Mug with hot stuff from kettle. 3. Aim this rather great looking mug at your mouth and drink (we'd probably recommend that you wait for it to cool down a little before taking this last step though).

The ceramic mug has a giant 500ml volume making it slightly bigger than standard mugs; perfect for making sure your thirst is well and truly quenched.

Product Features

  • Giant mug
  • Step by step guide to drinking
  • Fire extinguisher design
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Holds approx. 500ml

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