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Product Description

Apparently, if you are thirsty then your body is already dehydrated and urgently needs some form of liquid. However, diving into the local duck pond or passing river isn’t the quickest way to rehydrate your body. But this certainly is - the Thirst Extinguisher holds a massive 1.5 litres of water or whatever else you’d like to fill it with. It can be used to cool you down at a hot summer barbeque or to spice things up at a belting party. Just don’t use it as a real fire extinguisher, especially if you have filled with some form of alcohol.

When it comes to refilling everyone’s cup just simply pump the handle up and down. Not only is it a great way to siphon liquid to friends by squirting it directly into their mouths but it’s also an excellent talking point as it doesn’t fall into the average decanter category.  Plus it comes with a wall bracket so fixing upon the wall as a treasured trophy is no problem.

Product Features

  • Novelty Drink Dispenser in the shape of a Fire Extinguisher
  • Pump the handle up and down to distribute the drink
  • Made from made durable plastic with a rubber hose
  • Lightweight yet with a capacity of 1.5 litres
  • Makes a great addition to the home bar
  • Measures approx. 12.5cm x 34.5cm

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Dissapointing - Review by Joshua

Bought one a few days ago and it barley works! There is a bit missing on mine and it barley pumps out any water. It is a great idea but I am very unlucky as mine has probably been damaged during transit. Very speedy delivery and excellent presentation.

RED5 says: "Sorry to hear that Joshua, sounds like you need to speak to our super-friendly customer services!"

Wicked - Review by Amy

I brought this for my friends birthday and she absolutely loved it:)