Toilet Golf

Tee off while you drop off

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Product Description

For some of us, our time spent in the bathroom is the only peace and quiet we get. With no one around to disturb you and a room all to yourself, we can’t blame you for enjoying this solitary time. The only fault is that bathrooms don’t provide that much entertainment value, we could count tiles, twiddle our thumbs or read a newspaper, all of which is a boring way to spend your free time.

The Toilet Golf however, is a fantastic way to enjoy those few minutes alone. Everything you need to perfect your golfing skills are included within this fun set so get your pants on the floor and see what you can score! A fabric green to give it that real feel, a hole to pot your ball into and an extendable putter, making sure this golfing set is perfect for any sized toilet. There is even a ‘Do Not Disturb Sign’ for you to hang on the door, so no one has any excuse for interrupting your private putting/pooping skills! 

Product Features

  • Add a little sport to your toilet routine
  • Practice your golf putting while you’re pooping!
  • Fabric green, hole, extendable putter, ball and ‘Do Not Disturb Sign’ included
  • Become a professional potty putter
  • Perfect for golf lovers everywhere!

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