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As working adults we often find ourselves being envious of our pets, like dogs for example - they get to mope about the house all day, playing with toys, pestering the cat and even drinking out of the toilet. If you too wish you could drink out of the porcelain throne (but your wife won’t let you), the Toilet Mug should cover you for all your strange habits.....and that really is strange!

This hand painted mug may be slightly different to the norm but still holds 336ml of coffee goodness and will certainly turn heads at the office. However, if you’re too squeamish to stomach drinking from the Loo then it can also be used as a potpourri dish, plant pot, candy bowl or loose change dish.

Product Features

  • Novelty toilet shaped mug
  • Hand painted
  • Holds up to 336ml (12oz)
  • Can also be used as coin dish, candy bowl, plant pot etc.
  • Measures approx. 18cm x 14cm x 11.5cm

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Cats?! - Review by Helen

I use this as a drinking bowl for my cats.. Not only does it look funny, watching them drink from the toilet, but they never used to drink from normal bowls.. They would drink from puddles, buckets etc. but as soon as I filled this mini toilet with water, they all drank from it!.. Love it :-)