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Tosy Returning Light Up Disc

The amazing returning light up disc

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Product Description

Back in the day, Boomerangs were pretty cool but mastering the technique to get it to actually return to your standing point wasn’t that easy. You end up spending more time searching for your lost boomerang than you do catching it.

The Tosy Returning Light Up Disc is not like that at all. Not only does it always return to you, but it also automatically lights up in super bright LED’s so you will always know where abouts it is. The high flying, flashing light up disc turns into a spectacular light show at night time and can be used as an indoor and outdoor toy. Simply dock the disc onto the frame, pull the cord and you have lift off!

It comes with six different flight modes including rocket flight which will shoot up high into the sky like a rocket, roof rocker which spins on the ceiling, wild side which flies forward like a Frisbee or the original boomerang mode which, you guessed it, flies like a boomerang.

Product Features

  • Light up returning disc
  • Automatic super bright LED’s
  • Easy to use
  • Pull cord and let her rip!
  • Precision blades for accurate return
  • Six play modes
  • Indoor and outdoor toy
  • Turns into spectacular light show at night
  • Measures approx. 

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