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Product Description

Fingers are made for pointing, tickling kittens, and maybe even the occasional nose pick! These are the same fingers we wipe, pinch and slide all over our lovely phone screens. Nowadays anyone who's anyone has a touch screen device, and the last thing we want is to smear the remnants of lunch all over them. In fact there's nothing worse than a load of mucky finger prints and smudges all over your fancy screen, especially when they are not yours! Euurggh!

But never fear, RED5 is here, and more importantly so too is the Touch Pencil! Hurray! The funky pencil stylus is made from special electro-conductive rubber which the touch screen senses as a bog standard finger. So now you can relax knowing that your screen is safe from sticky fingers, leaving you and your phone sparkling clean and happy as Larry.

Product Features

  • Works on both capacitive and resistive touch screens
  • Enables greater accuracy when typing etc
  • Avoid fingerprints and smudges
  • Avoid other peoples fingerprints and smudges!

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Awesome!!! - Review by Shell

I bought this for the Draw Something app for my iPhone, it makes it way easier to draw in detail, better than using your finger, great product! A++

Useful gadget - Review by Joe

I bought one of these after becoming addicted (like so many others!) to a drawing app. It makes those details that are hard to achieve with your finger much easier and you avoid getting all those unsightly smudges on the screen!

the only reason that I havent given 5 stars is that the nib could be a little smaller but other than that a great purchase!