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Product Description

Buttons? They are so 1990’s. Everything nowadays is touch, pinch or swipe, and it’s the coolest evolution of technology to happen in our lifetime (so far anyways). However it tends to fail us miserably when the cold weather arrives. The winter climate challenges us with the ultimate of decisions: gloves on with warm hands and no smart phone, or, gloves off with freezing hands but apps at our fingertips! Some members of the RED5 team have even reverted to the use of nose to try and eradicate this problem. Alas all they are left with is a slightly snotty screen.

The Touch Screen Gloves have answered our technological prayers. Featuring specially interwoven conductive fibres, they allow us to use any capacitive touch screen, without exposing your fingers to the elements!

Product Features

  • Gloves to use with touch screen devices
  • Keeps hands warm while using your device on cold days
  • Interwoven electro-conductive fibres
  • Lightweight and comfortable fit
  • Works on most capacitive touch screens

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These actually work! Warm too :) - Review by Kat

These gloves are brilliant; they actually work with my phone and are very warm to boot! Very pleased. Have now purchased as gifts.

Great Gloves, Great Service - Review by Eve

got a lovely email back saying that their earlier stock had come in sizes but that now it was all one size fits most. She said not to worry about trying them on. Unfortunately they did not fit but one email later a new one size pair arrived the next day! They fit very well and I can believe there's enough give for them to fit most people and they work great. You can even text with a little more pressure than usual. No more cold hands when using the map or calling when out and about! Fantastic!

Good as it gets - Review by Geoffrey

Bought this product for my daughter who lives in London and phones her mother every night on her way from work to her train. She is always taking off her gloves to send her mam pictures as she walks, these let her do that without getting cold hands (and gives more talk time) she will not leave home without them.

Touch Screen Gloves Go Down a Storm - Review by Emma

Both my brother and Dad really appreciated these touch screen gloves for Christmas. Now my brother no longer has to have freezing hands when he passes time on his iPhone waiting for his bus to work in the early hours and Dad is happy to WhatsApp us photos when he goes out with his walking club. Needs a bit of getting used to when texting but generally pretty good and a bargain price.

Awesome gift! - Review by Cassandra

Bought these for my techie big brother. Especially like the way unlike some black touch screen gloves, the finger tip and thumb are not a contrasting pale colour - they look just like normal gloves - but with a hidden secret! He was very happy, I was very happy, we were all very happy!

Proper Good! - Review by Matt

They look just like a normal glove so was very impressed when I worked out it was a touch screen glove as well! Works amazing only problem is my missus keeps stealing them!

Perfect for me! - Review by Anna

When my hands are icy cold, and numb, I want to call or text someone to pick me up, and I can't because of my numbness in my hands. But these would be perfect for that situation!