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Your bluetooth device has not been recognised! Unable to connect! Aaaarrghhh! If only there was a simpler way. With the Touch Speaker now there is. No need for syncing, waiting to connect, loss of connection, entering passcodes, or even wires! So how does it work? Well, this compact speaker utilises the latest wireless technology called Near Field Audio or NearFA for short (why they didn’t just shorten it even more to NFA will remain a mystery!). It works by simply picking up the vibrations  and amplifying the sound. All you do is pop your device onto the top and hey presto! It really is like magic.

Boasting a powerful 2.5W x 2 RMS output the Touch Speaker will work with just about any device with an inbuilt speaker, plus it has the option for a 3.5mm jack if your mp3 player doesn't have a speaker.

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Product Features

  • NFA technology – just place your phone on the speaker to amplify the sound
  • High quality, portable sound
  • Protective silicone sleeve (removable)
  • Compatible with most smart phones and MP3 players with external speakers
  • 3 modes: On/Off/Stand By (from stand by, the speaker will automatically turn ON if touched by your device)
  • USB or battery powered (requires 3 x AA batteries - not included. Cables sold separately)
  • Optional 3.5mm jack connection (cable not included)
  • Output: 2W x 2 RMS
  • Measures approx 12 x 4 x 6.5cm

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Best buy - Review by Louise

For the price this is a must have, I love using mine especially in the park or at a party, great sound ....have now ordered more for friends and family who were impressed with it.

AMAZING!!! - Review by Jacob

This is such a great product, the way that it makes your phone's music so much louder is incredible! This is very good when you don't want to bring a speaker to the beach or somewhere like that as it amplifies your music as much as a speaker could in my opinion. I have used it several times including in a field! Go ahead and buy one - they're great! :)

They don't tell you. - Review by Jeremy

The manufacturer doesn't tell you how precise you have to place your phone on this device. Even pushing it a cm forward can improve the base response. It works very well, but it is not always a matter of just putting your phone on it.