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Transcend GPS Goggles

The world's first GPS goggles

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Product Description

The Transcend GPS Goggles are the ultimate gadget when it comes to extreme sports. They are an amazing piece of technology that's got everyone here at RED5 extremely excited. For the first time ever, the developers have integrated high quality goggles, with GPS technology and a Head Mounted Display (HMD) system with jaw dropping effect.

Now you can have access to real time data, including speed, temperature, distance travelled etc. Make no mistake; the GPS Goggles are not a gimmick. The GPS sensor provides true vector speeds and distance stats by calculating horizontal speed (using a proprietary algorithm) and combining it with vertical speed (from an altimeter). Or in other words, some serious clever stuff! Not only that, but you can also use the software provided to see your days run and data collected over Google maps.

What makes the Transcend Goggles even more special is the ability to look down to the right and view the data display as if it was 6ft away from you! Now you can see times you have to beat, distances you have to conquer, and temperatures you have to endure; right before your eyes. Oh, and if that was awesome enough, they also feature SPPx polarized photochromic lenses which adjust to the light.

Just like the dashboard of a sports car or the instruments of a fighter jet, Transcend's display provides performance-enhancing data, but only when you choose to view it. Safe, smart, fun...all wrapped up in the hottest goggle frame of 2010/11.

Product Features

  • View real time data including speed and temp
  • Screen appears 6ft in front of you
  • Download data over google maps

Technical Specifications

  • Speed
  • Altitude
  • Vertical odometer
  • Stopwatch/chronos mode
  • Temperature
  • Time
  • GPS capabilities
  • Wide vision permanent anti fog lens
  • Helmet compatible design
  • Screen appears as if it is 6ft in front of you!
  • Rechargable battery provides 7hr run time
  • Review the days data by connecting (via usb) to a computer
  • Overlay the data on google maps
  • SPPx polarized - photochromic lens

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Great Product - Review by James

For those rich enough to ski or snowboard, they would find that this product is a fantastic buy.