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Product Description

It’s not easy staying cool and trendy. This week’s ‘in’ thing, is next week’s shell suit. If only there was a way to stay cool, to stay relevant, to stay hipster. Well with the Trending T-shirt there is a head start at least. This geeky tech apparel will keep you up-to-date thanks to its ever changing slogan.

With a little help from your smart phone it will display the most popular hashtag of the moment. Is #yolo doing the rounds again? Is #kanye begging more people for money? Is #jeansonbacktofront this seasons fashion statement. Well if its displaying on you T-Shirt then there’s a good chance it’s a yes!

The Trending T-shirt syncs to your Twitter account via a free app. Once downloaded you can set how often you want the slogan to change (e.g every hour or once a day). Once a new hashtag becomes popular it is beamed from your phone to the T-shirt and displayed on a flexible e-ink display. Then all that’s left to do is show the world how bang on trend you really are #awesome.

Mens Chest Size

Small - 34-36 inches / 81-86cm

Medium - 38-40 inches / 96-101cm

Large - 42-44 inches / 106-111cm

Product Features

  • Hashtag display T-Shirt
  • A new slogan every hour
  • Connect via your phone to the free app
  • 100% Cotton
  • Will not wash

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