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Product Description

After years of palaeontology, hard work and re-watching of Jurassic Park, the greatest minds in the world have found one astounding revelation. It turns out those cheeky tyrannosauruses loved a good bottle of wine!

Not trying all that hard to avoid a dino’sore’ head, this rather quirky bottle holder is the perfectly cute kitchen accessory that’s rather lovingly guzzling your wine for you! You might need to stock up on Rex wine though, as this miniature cutie loves a good tipple, holding any standard sized bottles firmly in his skeletal grip!

Making the perfect dinner party centrepiece, this solid resin model is finished with a stone statue look, and is the perfect way to please any cheeky Cretaceous fans!

Product Features

  • Cretaceous kitchen accessory
  • Dinosaur wine holder
  • Strangely authentic skeleton
  • Made from resin with stone look finish
  • Sorry guys, wine is not included!
  • Measures approx. 28cm x 16cm x 12cm

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