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Product Description

If you are glued to your phone every second of the day then you will realise just how quickly that battery power is drained. It seems like one game of Candy Crush will use up at least 30% and then you have to ration your usage until you get home and back to your charger.

If you don’t want to ration out your phone usage only to have to wait hours for it to recharge then grab yourself a Turbo Charger and add an injection of speed to your charging process. This super useful smartphone charger simply plugs into your computer's USB port and then into your phone's charging cable for a super speedy charge. The output of the charger is 1 amp (230 watts) and will make sure your battery gets the boost it deserves, charging your device twice as fast as usual. The flexible design allows you to bend the Turbo Charger up to 145° so you can get the ideal angle to suit your work space. 

Product Features

  • Instant high speed charging
  • 230 watts output
  • Flexible connector bends 145°
  • Male and female ends
  • Charge your phone in half the time

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