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U6 Pro Gyro RC Helicopter

Ultra stable helicopter

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Pilots, we a have a special nocturnal mission for you which will require you to take the controls of the new, state of the art, U6 gyro enabled RC helicopter! This model features a front search light which will be handy for night time manoeuvres, not to mention the ‘pimp my ride’ styled multi-coloured flashing lights on the tail boom, for extra illumination!

The Murata Gyro will give you superb handling and help stop any unwanted rotation, meaning that any trimming will be minimum. This means you have more time to show off your flying skills!

Please take note, measuring in at a huge 34cm in length, this helicopter is larger than most indoor rc models, so try and keep away from Mum’s figurines to avoid any mishaps! If you do manage to take the head off the family heirloom and damage the helicopter in the process, then don’t worry as there are various parts that can be quickly and easily replaced (sadly no figurine heads though!).

So with loads of lights and amazing control what more could you want? A turbo button? Yep, it’s got one of those too! When pressed, the tail rotor speed is increased providing extra forward velocity!

Please note: this helicopter is only available on one frequency - this means that you can only fly one of these helicopters in the same room and the same time.

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Product Features

  • Easy to fly indoor helicopter
  • Built in Murata gyroscope stabiliser
  • Front search light
  • Multi-coloured lights on the tail boom
  • Turbo button for increased speed
  • Excellent hovering control
  • Spare parts available
  • Charges via mains adapter
  • Measures approx. 34cm (l) x 6cm (w) x 15cm (h)

Technical Specifications

  • Charges in 40-50 minutes 6-8 minutes of flight time (approx.)
  • 3.7 Li-poly rechargable battery (helicopter)
  • Radio control
  • Only available in one frequency
  • Requires 4 x AA batteries


  • 1 x U6 RC Helicopter
  • 1 x remote control handset
  • 1 x AC adaptor
  • 1 x spare tail rotor
  • 2 x spare main blades

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Great product but lost charger!! - Review by c

I've had this for quite a long time now it was bought as a present for me from my parents and it was AMAZING.
It is very powerful and fast at first but then I got the hang of it and it became great fun .
However I lost the charger at some point and now it's useless

Major charging problem - Review by Connor

Was working perfectly for the fist 5 uses however it suddenly stopped being able to charge :(

Up, up and away, lost £50 - Review by Kaleigh

After hours of deciding what my son wanted to spend his birthday money on, he decided on this product, first time he used it it lifted maybe a meter off the ground then I little more, then went high over the trees the controller wouldn't lower the helicopter before we knew it it was gone.

RED5 says: “Hi there Kayleigh, sorry to hear about your son's helicopter :( Usually we would see if we could find one for you to replace it but sadly we no longer sell this model. If you contact our Customer Services team they'll see if they can sort something out for you.”

Great Fun - Review by Bilal

I've had this for a while now and its been great fun, I have however lost the charger for it and cant seem to use it any more so a little disappointed with that at the moment. Will look to getting the U8 now and hope that is as good as the U6

RED5 says: “Hi there Bilal, sorry to hear you have lost your charger. Please contact our lovely Customer Service Team and they will be able to help in getting you a spare one :)”

great Heli - Review by steve

I brought one of these a while ago and have really enjoyed it. Once I got used to it I found it easy to fly but a bit touchy compared to my other indoor Heli's. Over all its the quickest, I would recommend this RC to anyone.

Lost U6 - Review by martin

My son got a U6 for xmas from his godfather which i took outside to try out. Yep, you guessed it, got it off the floor to see a gust of wind take control of it which took it above the roof line. I turned off the controller and it still wouldn't come down. I had to stand and watch it get higher and higher till it was a dot in the sky. The charge must have died and it came down way away from my house. I searched for hours trying to find it with no luck.

So I have justed pre ordered a new one and saw in one of the reviews that James found one in his garden around the same time i lost my sons. So James if your in Thornton Heath, Croydon area it my be mine and since i just ordered a new one your welcome to the controller (for a small fee)......
Happy flying guys.

RED5 says: "Oh no :( Sounds like your helicopter was blown out of range if it didn't respond to the controls."

Great - Review by Ethan

Really good helicopter, got it today in the post the only problem is that i can't trim it any ideas?

RED5 says: "Have you had any response from the trim controls at all? If not then it sounds like you may need a new remote."

Good but flimsy - Review by Kieran

I bought this helicopter and first it was great but then I lost control of it then the back blade and the support beams snapped! :(

RED5 says: "Oh no! Sounds like it's fixable though. Our staff in store or our customer services team should be able to help."

Very Fun!. A bit stuck though - Review by Toby

It worked really well for ages. And i really enjoyed using it.
I haven't used it for a while but when i got it out the controller didn't seem to want to turn on. The helicopter itself still works but not the controller, please help!

RED5 says: "Oh no! Please get in touch with our customer services team Toby - we'll help you out :)"

Great little flyer - Review by Justin

After some false starts and some really helpful customer service from Taz, I now have a great flying heli.
Thanks Taz.

My heli wasn't holding charge and we finally pinned it down to the charger. It works fine now......but note to others ....this is an indoor heli not outdoor and as such you may get interference with the frequency and lose some control....this is my opinion and not substantiated but the heli has twice flown up and up despite my downward control! I would have lost it over the hedge had the hedge itself not stopped it. This may have happened to another reviewer. Moral of the story...keep it inside.

Great flyer, great service...nothing was too much trouble.

Great and Stable, but wont charge - Review by Brian

This RC helicopter was my third and definitely the best, I personally recommend trying this outdoors if you don't have a roof lager than 12 feet. It's stable controls but sometimes gets a little out of whack, though its easily fixed by just landing. The Only problem is that I can't charge it. I'm getting another charger for this. 4/5 Stars

found crashed u6 - Review by James

I see that "colin r" lost his brand new u6 after Christmas see below:-
colin r Review by colin
A Christmas present to my daughter. Took it out to our local park for its first test flight. Pushed lever forward to gain altitude. At this point the U6 failed to respond to the controls and disappered over the roof tops, never to be seen again, dispite two hours of seaching. An expensive £40 spent.Would not buy another one.

One crashed in our garden (with minor damage) when we were away which we found on Jan 6 none of our neighbours has lost one where did colin r launch his from we might have it ? if not does he want to sell the controller so we can enjoy using this one ?

Great gadget until... - Review by claire

Great gadget, lots of fun until... The connection to the cogs becomes loose and rotor drive becomes erratic, had two now, waiting for new stock. Is it a recognised problem? My husband thinks it is because screw loosens on the rotor shaft. Also is it 3 or 4 channel?

RED5 says: "This helicopter is a 3 channel craft (forwards/backwards, left/right, up/down). We have seen cog issues before but none quite like this one. If the helicopter has suffered any crashes then it may be down to that. You are always welcome to contact our customer services team to see what they can recommend."

not great - Review by nayan

i got this as a christmas present(great)perfect flying-then the tail motor broke so i got it replaced,i got it back and it made a very unusual noise but still flew,2-3 days later it wont take off but only spin on the floor,(like a grinding noise)i went to take it back to my local store at brent cross but it had closed down so now i cannot access a store that is close and have to trek to westfields
not happy but a perfect flyer

RED5 says: "If you can't get to a store Nayan then you can always post it back to us here. Just take a look at our returns page."

Hours of fun!! - Review by Vicky

Great Xmas present for my 14 year old son but after 3 days the gogs slip so it won't lift of the ground it is a shame because it is the best thing in remote helicopters ive bought , unfortunately I emailed customer services and they said they would send out the part because there is no stock left to exchange it or have a refund but a month later still no spare part! Such a shame.

RED5 says: "Hi Vicky, we can confirm that some spare cogs have been posted out to you - not sure why they haven't reached you. We'll drop you an email to confirm a re-send."

Tail boom replacement nightmare - Review by Paul

Received the U6 as a Christmas present and after the first flight the tail rotor came off, so bought a replacement which arrived in good time. But here's where things went south! The tail boom can only be replaced by taking several small screws out and then removing the wires from the mother board... The problem I encountered was the plugs connecting to the mother board had a red glue covering the 'push & clip' connectors, rendering an easy removal impossible. The result in trying carefuily to unlog the connector was a broken connector to the motherboard, making the U6 unflyable. Real shame as I can't see how to fix this other than replace the motherboard.

Had it not been for this red glue, this tail boom replacement would have been relatively easy; but this poor choice of glue used by the manufacturer has meant I now have a helicopter that is incapable of flight.

followed the instructions! - Review by simon

Thanks for the feedback Red5, always followed the instructions to the letter and never left too long without charge. Seems from the pattern of posts you have a problem with the charger :(((

RED5 says: "We have certainly had a few charger issues but judging by the quantity sold, it doesn't look like a batch problem as most of the helicopters in each batch are fine. Don't worry though, if you contact our lovely customer services team they'll help you out as much as they can."

Excellent Chopper! - Review by Shaz

Amazing product! My first r/c heli - excellent ease of use and great range. Loved flying it until a few too many knocks! Heli looks fine but it no longer hovers in a stable motion - not sure what is wrong, it seems to have lost its balancing capability which now makes it really difficult to control :( please help Red5! I bought the U6 on boxing day from the Trafford centre Selfridges store.

RED5 says: "It can be quite hard to diagnose this sort of issue over email but we can certainly take a look at it for you to see if we can spot the issue with a quick test flight."

Excellent-when charged! - Review by Ruth

Excellent choice-absolutely brilliant. Bought it after seeing an associate flying one in Hamleys regent Street but our charger doesnt seem to be charging the helicopter. I`ve checked everything is on. How can we get a new charger? I e-mailed customer service but no response. Thank you.

RED5 says: "Hi Ruth, we've replied to your email. Please check your inbox."

Great heli, but..... - Review by steven

We bought this for my son for Christmas, it was great for 2 or 3 days... but now it doesn't take off. Doesn't seem to be any physical damage. We have changed batteries, recharged and all the rotors appear to spin as they should, but no take off... what could be wrong?

RED5 says: "Hmm, it could be a charging issue Steven, if the light on the charger doesn't come on then it's likely to be that, if it does then it's more likely to be the internal battery in the helicopter."

Good fun....for a while!! - Review by simon

We got one of these at Christmas......great fun and completely addictive, unfortunately it doesn't seem to hold its charge anymore though.......

RED5 says: "Oh, that's a shame Simon :( Sometimes this can happen when the battery is left without charging for a while. Also, the helicopter must be turned off whilst charging, otherwise it can sustain damage."

**** RED5 ROCKS AGAIN! **** - Review by bill

Wow, great not-so little chopper made all the better by Red5's excellent customer service; Taz has been the best and nothing has been too much trouble.

Sure, you might find similar cheaper on ebay, but sensible money buys from Red5 as choppers need bits and Red5 are only too happy to accommodate.

Product 10/10, Customer Service 10/10

Brilliant Customer Service - Review by RH

Amazing helicopter and fantastic customer services. We accidently broke our remote and contacted customer service and received a new replacement with no charge in a few days. Brilliant.

annoying - Review by george

i cant move forwards just back and when i tried to more forward it just stays still i only fly upward or downward when i use it outside it just the wind that moves it

brilliant - Review by richard

totally brilliant, got it for xmas, as i work in a factory i take it there as plenty of indoor space to fly it in my breaks, 15 minute break and get about 12 minutes flight times :~) i hit the roof several times crashed into machinary still works ..
have some chips in main rotor blades now, went to cheltenham store today guy in there very helpful but regretfully no spares there

tried it outside but found even in light winds will not make headway so only drawback i found with it

RED5 says: "Hi Richard, you can buy some new blades if you need to from this link:

Great customer service - Review by Dominic

Lost a screw from a crash, emailed customer services and was sent replacements quickly.

Helicopter works great.

spare parts - Review by Frank

My son loves his U6 helicopter, but we are unabel to find landing skids, is their a website we can order all spare parts for the U6 helicopter.

RED5 says: "If you email customer services Frank, I'm sure we can get you sorted."

Fun gift - Review by Vicky

I brought this Helicopter for my husband for Christmas from a Red5 branch in Lincolnshire when I was visiting family. I dont think I have a branch local to me? Im in Lingfield, Surrey. The helicopter is great fun and my husband is trying to learn the ropes!! The helicopter is very sensitve and suddenly flies up and does seem a bit hard to control ~ we wonder if its because we are missing a part? ~ the hand control unit/black box does not have an arial ~ there was not one included in the box but the picture on the packaging showed the control box with one. Should we have had it included and if so how can we get one? Many thanks!

RED5 says: "You should definitely have an aerial Vicky, please contact customer services and they'll get it sorted for you.

instruction - Review by Oliver

there was no leaflet and eventhough its almost self explanitory mine seems to rotate wildly before it takes off ! have not managed to fly it properly yet ! disappointed really !

RED5 says: "Sounds like we'll need to take a look at this one Oliver!"

colin r - Review by colin

A Christmas present to my daughter. Took it out to our local park for its first test flight. Pushed lever forward to gain altitude. At this point the U6 failed to respond to the controls and disappered over the roof tops, never to be seen again, dispite two hours of seaching. An expensive £40 spent.Would not buy another one.

Charger Problem - Review by Tanisha

I bought this RC helicopter one day ago, It started off really well when I first got it, but when I tried to fly it later on, once it had been "fully charged" it wouldn't lift of the ground, I think this is the cause of a faulty charger, because the red light on the charger doesn't flash any more when i try to charge it, and I am not sure what I can do now! I have checked that both the remote and the helicopter is on when I try to fly it, is the charger the problem?

RED5 says: "Sounds like it could be Tanisha, if you email customer services we can get a replacement one posted out to you asap."

inquiry - Review by william horton

hi red 5

my borther recived a u6 pro helicopter as a christmas present a really good product i found it a little hard to get the hold of the only fault is that the rear propellar snapped off the pin that holds it in place that is and i was wondering the best way to get hold of a spare part i have benn shopping with you for the last 3 years and i thought youd be the best people to ask

many thanks william.

RED5 says: "You can purchase the part you need here William:"

Great toy!! Just a shame - Review by Sam

The toy was great fun but on the second time of full charging the charger wouldnt charge the hellicopter, unsure on wether it's charger it's self or the port that the charger plugs into. Hopefully this will be sorted when I take it back to the shop tho.

RED5 says: "Sorry to hear that Sam, we hope it's all sorted now :)"

Fantastic - Review by Stuart

Absolutely brilliant! If there are damages due to crashes is there somewhere it can go for repairs? If so where and what sort of price? (roughly) as being only £40 is it worth repairing or buying new one? Also any new bigger versions available? :-)

RED5 says: "Sadly we don't sell any bigger helicopters at the moment as they either tend to be a lot more expensive or harder to control. If you need parts for repair we sell some spares here online but if you don't see what you need, just email us! :)"

Lasted 4 days - Review by Mick

My son recieved one of these helicopters as a christmas present and all seemed fine until it started getting louder and louder. I took a look at it and noticed the two white plastig drive gears had worn and started to slip causing the noise.It is now sitting as a ornament in his bedroom. Not very happy with this product.Hope my sons was manufactured wrong so it does not happen to all the others sold. Now got a 40 mile round trip to try and get it sorted but with no box dont hold much hope.

RED5 says: "Hi Mick, if your helicopter doesn't have a box it shouldn't be a problem if it's faulty :) We should be able to repair or replace this for you but if you've got a long journey ahead of you, you can always email us and we can post parts out to save you the hassle."

excellent - Review by adam

excellent gadget! But unfortunatly it somehow broke and when I go to take off it just spins on the floor .... any ideas RED5??

RED5 says: "Hmm, it can be hard to diagnose this sort of problem without seeing the heli. Sounds like it may be best to take it into a store so our staff can take a look at it for you."

Great fun - Review by Rick

hi bought a u6 yesterday and had a few goes and charged it up and it charged fine went to charge it this morning to find out that it no longer charges up the red light came on the ac adapter befor but it no longer lights uk red what's the problem ?

RED5 says: "Sounds like a dodgy charger there Rick. If you email customer services with your address we'll get a replacement sent out."

Not Too Bad - Review by Saagar

Bought this at Westfield (Shepherds Bush) though I do stay in Kenya. Isnt too easy to handle and broken the propellers and stuff. What should I do?

RED5 says: "You can purchase spare blades online here:"

so much fun - Review by scott

Such a fun helicopter, only problem is that it doesn't seem to go forward when in the air, has anyone else had this problem? Such a robust and indestructible product.

RED5 says: "Check the tail rotor Scott, if it's not spinning when you move the left hand lever then that might be the problem."

Tough little copter :) - Review by Ben

Great toy! I was flying it around and it got caught in a thermal and went flying into next doors front garden! Went and found it and it was fine :D One problem is though (with mine) is that the forward and backwards controls don't work for it, which is a shame, and now the top rotor is stuck but I think thats just because I was just starting :)

power issue - Review by tom

was exelent for the first 2 days now my charger wont seem to work have tried to replace batteries in the handset but no luck wha can i do

RED5 says: "Just email customer services Tom and they'll sort you out :)"

Flashing red and orange - Review by Robert

Was great at first, but when charging the light on the transmitter flashes from red to orange? and when flying sometimes the one of the motors cuts out and it starts to spin a tiny bit? any ideas on what this means? thanks

RED5 says: "It sounds like the helicopter and remote are losing their connection. Might be worth re-syncing the helicopter which you can do like this:
First turn on the helicopter and place it on a flat surface.
Then turn on the remote and push the left hand (throttle) lever all the way up and all the way down until the helicopter’s blades start to spin (you should only need to push the lever up and down once but it may take a couple of repeats of this action)."

Great present - Review by Lee

Great buy but now I've broke the rear tail blade off and the little wires have snapped so can't fly it any more as I can't find spare parts and no idea how the little wires can be put back on :-(

RED5 says: "Hi Lee, sounds like you may need this spare part:"

Brill present, BUT - Review by michelle

I got one of these for my boyfriend for Christmas! I bought it online! He loves it but there is something missing off it part of a connect buckle or something :(

Can you get a replacement part rather than having to send the item back?

RED5 says: "No problem Michelle, just email customer services."

Spare Parts - Review by Gary

My daughter had been learning to fly the helicopter when a gust of wind blew it into a tree. Later on we noticed that the two tubular support struts connecting the main body to the tail had gone missing. We took it back to our local Cheltenham store but they said they could not help us.
She is very disappointed and I feel let down by the poor service provided. Surely these spare parts are available? If not, I've just wasted my money on this helicopter.

RED5 says: "So sorry to hear our Cheltenham store couldn't help you, please contact customer services and we'll get this sorted for you straight away".

Needs More Spare Parts - Review by Tony

20 full charges no problems there.
Helicopter is easy to control and great fun.
Must have crashed at least 40 times, showing off ha ha. Helicopter has held up really well, with just minor damage to the edges of the main rotors. Then disaster stuck! Crashed into a badly placed Xmas Tree and bent the tail rotor shaft. They dont appear to stock as spares is there anyway i can get one?

Need a tail rotor shaft / new motor unit PLEASE!

RED5 says: "Hi Tony, glad to hear you've enjoyed your helicopter, please contact customer services and we'll get it sorted for you."

Great RC Helicopter! - Review by Sha

i must say, a great product! great service in shop and online!
keep it up guys!

Excellent Customer Service - Review by Chris

My first ever review, I came to RED5 based on the reviews that I had read on their site, and then decided to purchase an "Apache Gunship" my first ever remote helicopter, sadly this craft had serious confidence problems in the air, with a reckless attitude towards safety, I took my concerns to RED5, the copter was condemmed and sent to the scrap yard, after being returned to RED5 at no cost to me, and replaced at no cost to me, that in my opinion is excellent customer service, I would not hesitate to purchase again from RED5. I have also purchased a U6 and a S107, both excellent and ideal for indoor flying. As a matter of interest my first flight of the U6 was at night in my garden and to my dismay it caught a breeze and took off into the night, however it had cleared a bungalow rooftop and traveled six bungallows down the road and crashed in a neighbours front garden, my wife thought it hilarious. I found it flashing away happily in a front garden. To my surprise the only damage was the top blades and balance bar, soon replaced and flying again, no other damage. My sincere thanks to Emma Fowlsten from Customer Services and of course the RED5 team, well done....

Up Up and Awwwaaaaay - Review by Grahame

Hi Red5,

I`ve just recieved my U6 and WOW!!! how kool is it, anyway I`m just after bit of advice before initial take off, when unpacking I noticed there was a black wire wrapped around the landing feet which I untangled and it seems to be connected to the underneath of the U6 but cant seem to find whats its for, its just hanging around.....and is there any tips on taking off? as I would like to gently take off rather than put full throttle on and hit the skies too fast.....Finally the rota blades are they meant to be secure or loose as they came loose but I`ve tightend them is that right? Kind Regards

RED5 says: "Hi Grahame, the wire you have untangled is actually the aerial of the helicopter so make sure you don't remove it completely ;) The rotor blades are supposed to be a little loose to save them from impact if you have a crash.

OMG! Best gift ever! - Review by Bazza

My g/f got me one of these from your new store in Brent cros 2 weeks ago. All I can say is OMG LOVE IT! Unfortuneately, I crashed it quite hard and broke the outercase, the wings and the tail motor stopped spinning. Took it back to the store today to see if it had ANY hope.. Cannot believe gadget guy replaced the motor, the wings and gave me a new shell.. all for freee! Have to say product 5 star.. Customer service in your store 5 star NO DOUBT! thanks Red5 I know where il be shopping for Xmas.

U6 and Spycam Choppers - Review by Grahame

Hi Guys,

All I can say about these products are FANTASTIC, only by that I have the Spycam chopper, I`ve always wanted a remote control item and my dear wife surprised me when she bought me one....downfall....I had it only a week and the search light failed as well as the built in camera....UPSIDE I contacted RED5 and they told me what to do sent me a prepaid leaflet via email and told me what I need to do....Now its on its way to RED5 doctor to be sorted I`m not down hearted as I`m soo pleased over the Customer Service I`ve received, so on that I`ve now ordered the U6 as I know there has been a lot of mixed views on it, but you never know what you get till you get it, and if there is any problems I know RED5 will be there to sort the problem out for I gave them a 5 as they deserve it......and I look forward to flying again....

U6 and Spycam Choppers - Review by Grahame

Hi you all,
Well Iike most on here buying these choppers I`ve always wanted a rc toy and when my wife went shopping she came home with a surprise for!!!.....The Spycam Chopper and I`ve got to say I love it, unfortunately I`ve had some teething problems (My Camera Don`t Work or The Search Light) but I got onto RED5 first thing and I have to say the customer service is second to non (Top Marks Red5) they have told me to send my item back for them to check for me, yet I`m not fazed as I know they`ll do their best for me and get me flying again....As for the U6 well I`ve read a few feedbacks and I`m so sorry to hear some of the bad experiences...(Don`t Give Up You Guys) Red5 will sort it for you, but on the U6 even the bad comments haven`t put me off buying one so I`m now heading to the check out.....I`ll let you know how I get on with it when it watch this space as they say............Oh by the way I`not a member of the RED team just a customer.....but I see great customer service here......They don`t fob you off like most companies would do..Happy Christmas Every One.

Really Good! - Review by John

Works really well, battery life is excellent I was surprised how long it lasted considering it's so big. It flies really well and I would recommend it to anyone, beginner or advanced.
My only problem was that it had a bad crash and I was wondering if I would be able to see about getting it fixed?

RED5 says: "You can either take your helicopter into one of our stores or send it back to us and we can take a look at it for you. We'll always try to repair crash damage and one of the reasons we picked this particular model is that there are quite a few replaceable parts so with any luck we'll be able to get you flying again!"

Great Helicopter! - Review by Federico

At the end, i then bought two more :-) Four stars only because unfortunately, the rear engine has seized in the first purchased, the top of the rotor. I just ordered the complete rotor for safety and the set of blades, where can I find the engines and the replacement battery? Thanks

RED5 says: "Buongiorno Federico! We think we may have already spoken to you about this, if not, please get in touch with customer services."

Had great fun with this!! - Review by Htay

I love this gadget. But after a few days of fun, it seems the internal batteries let me down and it's not moving up from the ground at all. Red5 Red5 Red5!!!, Please advise me.

RED5 says: "Oh no! Get in contact with customer services and they'll help you out :)"

Paid more in Hamleys - Review by C

I bought the same model yesterday at Hamley's at GBP 43. And now m checking this online!
I should have checked online first.
Is there any way i can ask Hamley's to match the price?

RED5 says: "Hi CP, usually Hamleys don't match prices, (at least not online prices) so they would say no sadly :( There are usually postage costs to add on to any online order though so the price difference isn't so much when you consider that."

Broken black plastic clamp - Review by Keith

All the family have enjoyed this toy for the week since we bought it however, part of the black plastic 'clamp' that holds each of the rotors has broken just above the small screw holding one of the upper rotor blades. Do you have any suggestions? Does the Southampton store where I bought it have replacement parts?
Thanks for your help

RED5 says: "Hi Keith, the Southampton store should be able to help you but if they don't have the part you need you are welcome to email customer services and they'll be able to get the right part for you."

REEM MACHINE - Review by Brendan

I have never given a review in my life, mainly because ive never belived they are from real people, but i have been so overwelmed by this helicopter that i have got to tell you that it is the best gadget i have ever bought in my life and i love my gadgets!!!!, i have paid £1000.000s for toys in the past and have got bored in days, evan though this chappy only flys for 10mins i love it so much i want to buy another 2 so i can fly them all day, i have had none of the problems that ive heard so far, well done guys cant wait for the next bigger & better model :) :)

Great, for a while... - Review by Anthony

Great helicopter, it flew with lots of power after the first charge for what seemed like 15 min!
1 week later however the battery won't give it enough power to get off the ground?? I live in the states and bought it while in London so I can't bring it back. What do I do? It would be a 5 if it kept working.

RED5 says: "So sorry to hear that Anthony - we'll get in touch and see if we can get it sorted out for you."

Sad little boy - Review by susan

Bought one last night for my son...indestructible, we were told! The demo did seem to support this..took it for a flight this morning, it veered off and landed on the side of the landing gear broken. Not great. This is only our second purchase from the new RED 5 store in Bluewater and this was to replace something we were returning. Not too great. Any suggestions?

RED5 says: "Oh no! We've got your email address Susan so we'll contact you and make sure you are flying again in no time!"

U6 Helicopter - Review by Mizan

Had great fun when it was flying, have only had it for 4 days and everything works but does not lift up at all now. was great fun when working.

RED5 says: "Sorry to hear that Mizan, we'll get in contact and see if we can sort it out for you :)"

Brilliant - Review by Will

Great product and my 3 year old can fly it , one problem is that now it seems to be not stable in flight ie, after lifting off the ground after a while it seems to veer off to one direction and smash into the nearest thing, I have tried the toggle that doesn't seem to help, it's fully charged and has been totally fine, any help would be great,

RED5 says: "Wow, that's pretty cool your 3 year old can fly your U6! They must be quite the pilot! However, we wouldn't recommend this chopper to be used by most 3 year olds as it is quite large. Recommended age would be 14+. If you get in contact with customer services Will, we'll see what we can do to help :)"

Product plus service plus - Review by Kit

Wasn't sure about buying one of these but the reviews convinced me. It's brilliant! Easy to use and loads of fun. The best thing was that I smashed it into a heavy wooden door on the first day. So sad! But then...the really helpful customer service people took it back (at no cost) fixed it (at no cost) and returned it as good as new (at no cost). I've never had such good customer service on the internet.

So now....I'm off to buy a couple more helicopters. Should be fun around our place.

Great chopper - Review by Colin

great fun
Easy to fly
But need to know where to buy spares
Also can you supply us a screw driver for the small screws.should the blades stay tight and straight or loose?
I paid £50 in Hamleys toy shop but I see you are selling at £35.
Can I get a refund?

RED5 says: "Hi Colin, you can buy spares from us in store and online but if you can't see what you need, just get in contact with our customer service team and we'll see what we can do :) The blades for this model should be fairly loose to allow them movement if you crash into anything! With regards to our Hamleys price, sadly we offer special offers online that can't always be replicated in store."

Stone Cold Steve Helicopter - Review by Ollie

I crashed it into a tree, power lines, walls, bushes...the list goes on and on, yet it still works perfectly. It could probably crash into a professional wrestler and survive. The lights are fantastic also. Indoor flying is somewhat challenging unless you have a lot of space as this helicopter is capable of going very high regardless of light bulbs or cellings. Short flight time is common with most rc helicopters and I feel this is the only negative. So all in all, this was my favourite birthday present!

U6 Pro Gyro RC Helicopter - Review by Robert

Very good performance and easy to control unfortunately I've bent the motor shaft on the tail rotor and it is not repairable.I've now got a complete helicopter (broken tail rotor motor), charger.transmitter,a spare gyro and shaft, 4 spare rotor blades and 2 tail rotor blades all available for spares as a job lot. Offers plus postage. Robert e-mail supplied

RED5 says: "You'll be pleased to know that this part is replaceable Robert - we'll drop you an email and we can either send you the part for you to fit yourself or you can send it to us for repair."

very good but ..... - Review by mark

The helicopter flies brilliant and is very easy to controll, however i have charged it 3 times and the charger does not charge the helicopter ( no LED showing on charger )
I am not the first person to complain about this happening.

RED5 says: "Sorry to hear that Mark - we'll drop you an email and send you a new charging unit out free of charge in the post - hopefully this should sort the problem out for you."

Is it just me - Review by rich

can anyone tell me if they are having problems with the charger for the U6. i am now on my 3rd one within 2 days. The chopper charges twice and then snuffs it. I only charge it for 50 mins at a time.
I think there has been a faulty batch..

in regards to the helicopter, its great love it . well worth the money. Maybe RED5 should look into this.

Customer care has been 5 stars
Helicopter 5 stars
Charger, big fat 0

RED5 says: "Ooo, that is strange - we've got your email address so we'll contact you shortly :)"

SPARE PARTS - Review by carl

Where can i get spare parts from please? I need a newtail boom motor.....

RED5 says: "Currently we have spare blades and top rotor assemblies to purchase online - just do a search for 'U6 spares' and you'll see them ;) If you need any other parts just email customer services and we'll see if we can help."

Too little battery life - Review by Felim

I would gladly give it more than two stars if I could have more than 8 mins flight for a full charge.
Any ideas?

RED5 says: "Sadly there's not much we can about this - this is about standard for most li-po powered helicopters of this level. It should get a little better once the battery has had a few charge and drain cycles."

the great u6 - Review by harriet

i have a u6 and it is so easy to fly and you have got pin point turning on it is looks great in the day but in the night it looks even better. it is flying lovely and you can turn the lights on and off

when can i buy spares??? - Review by steven

great i love it.. i know its not that easy to brake but i let my nephew use it and he dropped from the air at about 40 ft up on to my drive.. only a couple of small bits needed...

only four stars for now when i can buy spares ill give 5 easy...

RED5 says: "Spares are available online now Steven :)"

Seriously!! This is the Muts Nuts! - Review by Paul

I am not a great fan of reviews, but having purchased this, I am compelled to tell the world about it! A fantastic product, providing hours of entertaiment. Its that good, Im going to buy another one so when one need recharging, I got the other one to fly! The service I have received from RED5 Customer Services has been outstanding (thanks Emma), all in all a great purchase! Believe me, I am not easily impressed, but this Serioulsy is the Muts Nuts!

youll love this - Review by shaun

best helicopter ever had. if this helicopter wasnt built the world wouldnt be worth living

amazing - Review by shaun

this helicopter is amazing because it is really easy to fly but i cant seem to get spare parts for it

RED5 says: "spare parts will be available soon Shaun"

U6 Metal series helicopter - Review by Rolo Ash

I think this helicopter is very good because it is easy to use and it is very durable so it won't break very easily.

U6 Helicopter - Review by Iain Gibbs

Great fun, easy to fly. Very durable and ideal for a beginner like me.