American Beer Pong

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American Beer Pong

Sink it ‘n’ drink it!

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Product Description

If you have ever seen an American film that involved a frat party then no doubt, you would of seen them playing Beer Pong. A huddle of American adolescents gather around a table to watch as two teams bounce ping pong balls into cups.

Although this doesn’t sound like the most exciting game in the world, when alcohol is included, everything is more fun! With this kit, you can have the fun of this classic American game with you at any party. Twelve US styled red cups are included along with two ping pong balls. Toss, throw or bounce your ball into the opponent’s cup until they have no cups left. If you get a ball in their cup, they have to drink the contents. If you are skilled enough to get your ball in all of their cups, meaning they have no cups left, then they have to finish however many cups are left on your side of the table. 

If you’re not too familiar with the rules then don’t worry, everything you need to know is printed on the box so there will be no confusion....until you are drunk, then there may be a lot of confusion.

Product Features

  • Classic American beer pong kit
  • Perfect for house parties and pre drinks
  • 12 16oz red cups
  • Two ping pong balls
  • Two extra cups for ball washing
  • Everything fits neatly into the box – perfect for taking to your next party

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