Unimax 1:24 Scale Battling RC Tank

Infrared firing tank

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Product Description

Calling all would-be soldiers! If you consider yourself to be the ultimate badass then strap on your ammo belt, tie your bandana round your forehead and get yourself at the controls of one of these amazing RC Tanks!

If you’re looking for that extra bit of warrior-cred then this brilliant replica Tiger Tank is here to help you out. With fantastic sound effects and an infra-red firing system, this excellent machine will let you experience the thrill of a battle without any of those messy situations and post-traumatic stress (unless you’re a really bad loser of course).

The Forces of Valour are a well-known brand of military collectibles that have amazed us with their attention to detail and accuracy in recreating vehicles of the past. We’ve picked out one of our favourites from the collection, the late production of the steel wheeled German Tiger 1. So, if you enjoy pretending to blow stuff up then this is the vehicle you need in your life.

Your journey of mass destruction starts with an authentic start-up sound and goes on to include realistic recoil action, firing sounds and the decimation of your enemies! Available on 6 different frequencies you can have up to three teams fighting at one time (2 tanks per team). If you prefer to fight your battles alone like some sort of super-cool superhero loner then the target lens unit will hone your skills to perfection.

Included with the tank are spare track links, a spare IR target lens and a turret mounted machine gun which is great for picking off any left-over squaddies.

Product Features

  • Late production steel wheeled German Tiger 1
  • Joystick for each track
  • Moveable turret (up, down, left and right)
  • Utilizes safety clutch for gear box protection
  • Power saving mode
  • Start up, running, shut down, shooting and shot sound effects
  • 6 different frequencies
  • IR target flashes with explosion sound effects
  • Indoor range 5 – 6 metres
  • Shots fired every 2 seconds
  • 5 lives per battle
  • Auto shutdown once ‘dead’ with auto re-start after 30 seconds
  • Spare track links and IR lens
  • Turret mounted machine gun


  • 1 x German Tiger 1 tank
  • 1 x IR target
  • 1 x IR remote control

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Great - Review by Jake

This tank is amazing! It is super easy to control! It can easily be played with indoors or outdoors as it can drive over pretty steep terrain. It comes with an IR target for target practice or if you get another one, you can put them on teams and fight against each other with the on-board IR target as well. I would recommend rechargeable batteries though as non-rechargeable batteries run out pretty quick if you use it enough. Overall, I love this product and is one of my best RC's I have bought from RED5. Highly recommended!