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Submerged swearing

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Product Description

We understand how angry you can get when you see someone else drinking from your mug. Sometimes hailing abuse at them isn’t the best way to deal with such a matter and something a little more subtle does the trick.

The Up Yours Mug is the mug to show people whose boss. Hidden in the base of this inconspicuous white ceramic mug is a 3D model hand that is flipping the finger. The hilarious novelty mug is great way to add a little smile to your day. Choose your victim and then offer to make them a nice cuppa with a difference.

Product Features

  • Novelty 3D mug
  • 3D model hand hidden at the base
  • Victim won’t realise til they have drank most of it!
  • Prank friends
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Measures approx. 8cm

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