Upside Down Wine Glass

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Product Description

We don’t mean to be rude but we bet that your glass cupboard is pretty boring. Lots of standard glasses in the standard shape that you would expect to find in any home. The Upside Down Wine Glass is a revolution in glass design and will literally turn the world upside down.

This glass looks exactly like your standard wine glass and it’s only when it is filled with lovely vino that you see its true effects. Because of the reversed design, the part that is usually the base of the glass is now where you sip the delicious flavours of Spanish grapes, floral notes and Valencian oranges and the base is now on the top of the glass. Mystify your friends with your magical floating wine tricks and add a fun twist to your next dinner party.

Product Features

  • Fun twist on the standard wine glass design
  • Wine appears to float in the glass
  • Confuse and bemuse your guests
  • Glass holds approx. 375ml
  • Made from soda-lime glass
  • Hand wash only
  • Measures approx. 20cm x 6cm x 7cm

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The wine glass that tricks your mind! - Review by Teresa

I have got one of these upside down wine glass.

I had my friend round and I had already poured the glass of wine before she arrived. When she saw my glass of wine upside down, she looked horrified she thought I was going to get the wine all over the White table cloth. It was red wine as well.

As soon as I piicked up my glass of wine and started drinking it from the base, she just laughed out loud. She couldn't believe I had an upside down glass of wine.

Because my friend loved the wine glass so much, she has bought one herself to amuse her friends with.

Yes, I definitely would recommend to a friend.

It will 'cheer' anybody up.