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VaporizR Amphibian Car

Land, snow and water

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Product Description

We love remote control toys at RED5 but it’s always a tough choice when it comes to choosing our vehicle, especially when it’s raining outside and the car park is starting to resemble a lake. RC cars are great fun but don’t get along with water, in fact it tends to break them. We could use a boat, but the puddle is not that big so that would get dull quite quickly. Plus, there’s lots of mud around too so we’re going to need something with a bit of traction! Oh decisions, decisions. What we really need is some kind of car and boat hybrid that could tackle snow, ice, mud, water and tarmac!

Thankfully Nikko have also faced the same dilemma and created the VaporizR! Being fully amphibious it can not only handle puddles, but also ponds and lakes. This means you can swim with the fishes, without crashing into them, as you’ve still got full steering even in water! 

This 4x4 car can handle nearly every terrain all thanks to its twin motors – you could even take it into your bath (if your bath was big enough). It literally is a car for all weathers and all surfaces. Anyways that’s enough from us, it's just started spitting so we are going out to race!

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Product Features

  • 15 Km/h
  • 27 MHz and 40Mhz
  • Multiple engines provide 4x4 drive for super grip on all terrains.
  • Fully amphibious, including steering it water
  • Can tackle any terrain
  • 360 degree spins
  • 6v Ni-MH Battery
  • Battery charger
  • 9v battery

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