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At RED5 we love choice! We don’t want the same thing all the time for ever and ever and ever and ever and…you get the point. Well the Vibe Watch embraces the need to be blue one day and red the next! Trends change quickly and the last thing you want is last season’s colours on your wrist, so the Vibe Watch is the perfect time telling accessory that will never go out of fashion!

In total it should take less than 15 seconds to create or fully alter the design of your watch! The parts are easy to fit as they just snap together – there’s no fiddly tools required. Use the watch builder above to create the watch you want and then select the parts from the drop down menu on the right of the builder. You’ll end up with a pair of straps, one watch face, a case and a bezel surround. Simples!

All ‘Vibe-Watches’ are splash proof and are manufactured using high quality components; stainless steel parts and housings and Japanese quartz movements.

Please note: The Chronograph Vibe Watch Face is merely a representation to resemble the functions of a chronograph.

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Product Features

  • Fully customizable watch
  • Change the colours as often as you want
  • Easy to fit pieces
  • Over 80,000 colour combinations
  • Face diameter measures approx. 32mm 


  • 1 x Strap
  • 1 x Case
  • 1 x Watch face
  • 1 x Bezel


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LOVE LOVE LOVE - Review by Paula

Wow, I love this design of watch, I have the one face but so many colours of straps and attachments, gutted though its not going to be here for much longer. Been to Meadowhall and bought some of the sale items :)

wow i love it !!! - Review by jane

Its so cool! I love how you can change everything!!! Me and my son have them and we both think they're EPIC !! This product totally deserves 5 + stars *****

Cracked Bezel - Review by Phizzer

Love the styling of the watch and interchangeable parts but very disappointed that the bezel kept coming off until I eventually lost it. The watch case then cracked after 6 months when I hadn't even worn it every day. I've had to order replacement at a cost of almost a tenner with p&p. Not happy :-(

RED5 says: "That's no good at all! If you need any more parts in future just drop our CS team an email and they should be able to sort something out for you."

Awesomeville - Review by Gerard

Love my vibe watch. Bought mine a year ago and love it and have now bought one for all my family. Whenever I get bored, I just change my straps/bezels/etc. and it feels like a new watch. Great idea. If there is one thing on the downside it's the loudest ticking watch I have ever owned. But all the good things far outweigh that one minus. Get purchasing.

Great Watch - Review by Helen

Was pleasantly surprised at the quality of these watches. They are as cool as ice and they are cheap enough to own two or three. The only downside is they are not waterproof, but for the price you can't really expect that. A good fun watch.

BEST WATCH EVER! - Review by Catherine

I have never really been into watches before and then I was looking on the RED5 website and found the vibe watches! I bought one which was blue and white and I don't want to at the moment but I know that even if I wanted to, I could just change it to whatever I want! The clock face is most expensive so I made sure that I got that the right colour...Blue! Everything else is really cheap to change! :)

Great idea. Great Price. Great... Just Great

Amazing idea - Review by Ross

I never used to wear a watch until i had one of these. I love the fact i can change the different parts at will and change at least one bit every day. My collection is getting bigger and bigger each week. =)

Fantastic - Review by Dan

I bought one of these as soon as they came out, the great thing I will never get bored of it, so many different options to choose from and the spare parts are so cheap!! Love it!

A watch for every occasion - Review by Leanne

‘A watch for every occasion’ is the phrase I would use to best describe my Vibe Watch. You can switch the colours of all the components to match any outfit, and with lots of different colors to choose from, your choice of designs are endless. It’s great value too, with a watch costing just £29.95 and thereafter, you can purchase extra components from as little as £2.50, making it great ‘pocket money value’ for kids too. I always get compliments about it, with people constantly asking me “where did you get it?, I want one!” My answer is always the same: “I created it myself” That’s the great thing about these watches, I am safe in the knowledge, that my watch will be unique . I would definitely recommend!

Shipping - Review by Jurgita

I want these!!!! when are you starting shipping to switzerland??

RED5 says: "Hi Jurgita, sadly we won't be shipping to Switzerland any time soon. We have your email address so we'll let you know if the situation changes. How about you come and live with us at the RED5 HQ? ;)"

I want more!! - Review by Desiree

I already have one and I'd like to buy another, but it is out of stock =( why? Will you have them again?

RED5 says: "Vibe Watches are now back in stock :D"

Amazing - Review by Gemma

Fun, fun, fun! Change one part and you get a new watch!

Question - Review by Magdalena

Can you even just buy individual parts of the Clock?

RED5 says: "You can indeed Magdalena - if you search for Vibe Watch we now have a place where you can just buy one piece if you wish."

awesome - Review by lauren

I love my switch (now vibe) watch. Got it a couple a months ago and still in love with it. Only issues I have had have been a bezel snapping (but RED5 addressed the issue, gave me a new one and sorted the problem so it wont happen in future!) and that my straps have gotten a little grubby, though that is my own fault due to incessant wearing! But honestly, I’m not a watch person, haven’t even worn a watch probably more then twice before and I’m not planning to make my next purchase. You can get a new case, strap and bezel for just £10.50. That’s essentially a new watch!!

Fantastic watch - Review by Evilbobbins

I love my watchs but this is by far the most fun :)

WOW! - Review by MH

Lots of colors! Fun! Only complaint- the metal piece that connects the two straps continues to break off.