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The day to day monotony of the office lifestyle is enough to make some people dread going back to work. Sometimes it’s the tediousness of scanning through your work book to find that all important quote that is sucking the life out of you.

Add a healthy dose of colour to your work with the Vitapens. Each colourful highlighter is pill packaged with a colour coding lid. The fluorescent markers are easily transported from desk to home with the handy pill box. In a mix of ten vibrant colours they inject a little colour into your bland day at work.  We recommend these to be taken twice daily for the best results, overdosing may cause a colour explosion.

Product Features

  • Pill shaped highlighters
  • Complete with official looking pill tub
  • 10 assorted colours
  • Colour coded lids
  • Easily transportable
  • Highlighters measure approx. 5cm x 1cm
  • Pill container measures approx. 11cm x 6cm x 5cm


  • 2 x Purple highlighters
  • 2 x Yellow highlighters
  • 2 x Orange highlighters
  • 2 x Blue highlighters
  • 2 x Pink highlighters

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Fantastic item - Review by Robert

Unlike the previous reviewer I wasn't daft enough to buy these for children. These are great, look very realistic albeit quite a lot larger than actual tablets and the concept is really fun. A great gift for adults, I bought them for a friend who works in a Pharmacy for the fun factor and she loves them!

Vitapens - Review by Juliet

I bought these for my 11 yr old son & 12 yr old nephew for Xmas! I thought they looked pretty cool or fun - but don't look as good in 'the flesh' and neither of the boys got it - i.e. that they were supposed to be pills or vitamins in a vitamin bottle!
So neither boy was impressed or had any sort of wow factor when they found them and neither of them have even looked at them again or used them!!

Maybe it's because the concept of vitamins or any pills is lost on them due to their age & not vitamin users - like myself!!