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Gravity defying bounce

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A small step for Waboba, a giant bounce for mankind! You don’t need to be an astronaut to play with the Moon anymore since the latest from the ball bending geniuses has arrived. The Waboba Moon ball just skims the real Moon as you bounce it off the floor, walls, pavements and just about anything .

The lightweight design allows you to bounce your ball even higher than before while the bright neon colours increases visibility. (So you can actually see where it is in the air before it konks you on the head). Thanks to the flat edges you get a strange popping noise as it hits the floor and a crazy spin sending the ball in exactly the opposite direction that you thought it was going. The Moon ball adds a new twist to old balls games such as Curby, Timebomb and maybe even Cricket if you’re feeling brave enough!

If you have a colour preference, please email help@red5.com and we will try our best to arrange this for you.

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Product Features

  • Incredibly bouncy bouncy ball
  • Flat edges add spin 
  • Lightweight design
  • Bright neon colours – easy to keep an eye on
  • Revamp old ball games
  • Measures approx. 6cm

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Just doesnt do what it said it would - Review by J-Burnz

The ball doesnt do what it said on the box. it clearly says moon ball but just doesnt bounce to the moon. was really disappointed when i released it doesnt bounce that far. the ball is extremely bounce but do not buy this ball if your expecting it to bounce to the moon. it doesnt even look like the moon so im not sure why they called it a moon ball.

moon ball - Review by wesley

this is a great way to get outdoors and have fun as it will make you really happy. the shape and design are really good so this should be bought.

Boiiiiiiingggg! - Review by Scott




This thing is bouncy... real bouncy. Makes a great noise when it hits the ground and when thrown hard in an enclosed room makes for all kinds of chaos (not that I recommend it, but it's a good laugh if you want to see your mates running for cover like you've just launched a grenade).

I mean for only a fiver, you get a really bouncy, cool sounding, cool looking ball. Bouncing this thing around is just one of those simple things in life that's just good old harmless fun. Takes me back to being a kid.

Been having a great time breaking stuff around my house with it, and shall continue to do so. :)

Wicked Ball! - Review by Yusuf

Its sooo amazing and really cheap. It bounces very high. you can have lots of fun with it with your friends. My last bounce was measured at the London Eye. It was wicked. I would definitely recommend this ball for all age groups. Hours of fun!


This ball lives up to its name, it works best on a hard surface and reaches amazing heights, had great fun, good price, looks cool. Downside, the black spots flake off after a while and getting to pay for your purchase without getting hit by flying objects in store is difficult!!!

Amazing - Review by Jamie

This ball is amazing, it's so funny I do loads of tricks with it, it's so fun . The amount of bounce you get . My friend was about 40 meters from me and I threw it and It bounced once to get to him.