Waboba Street

Where will it bounce? Nobody knows!

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Waboba Deal! Buy any two and get one for free!

When is a ball not a ball anymore? When it’s got more sides than a double-decahedron!

The Waboba Street is a ball with attitude! It’s the latest addition to the Waboba family and we’re not even sure it’s technically a ball anymore. It’s like a ball has fused with a Crunchy Nut Cluster and from this unholy union comes the Waboba Street (it’s not edible, just in case you were wondering).

It has a plethora of sides which are technically made from dubs (whatever they are) and springs around with something Waboba tell us is ‘inverted bounce’! All we know for sure is that this is one bouncy ball that isn’t headed where you expect!

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Product Features

  • Play the most unpredictable game of throw and catch you’ve ever played
  • Ball that bounces where you least expect
  • Bounce it, spin it, curve it!
  • Measures approx. 5cm in diameter

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