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Water Dancing Speakers

Water great idea

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Look at your speakers, now back at these, now look at your speakers, now back at these! They aren’t these, and they never will be. Why? Because these are gobsmackingly brilliant and like no other speakers we’ve ever seen before. When the music plays the speakers explode (not literally) with jets of water illuminated by bright multi-coloured LED’s, creating a truly unique water show. The water actually bounces to the music like your very own Bellagio fountains!

Powered by USB or mains supply, they make the perfect laptop accessories, and before you scream “water next to a laptop?!” don’t worry;  the two 3 watt speakers are completely sealed so there is no risk of water spillage. In fact you don’t even need to fill them up as the water is included (which we only realised after 10 mins of looking where to put the water in! – silly RED5).

Each speaker spurts 4 jets of water illuminated by multi-coloured (red, blue, green, yellow) LEDs to the beat of the music. The height of water is determined by the volume and pitch of sound. Bright enough to be seen in the daylight, however it’s in the dark when they really look special.

Please note this product comes supplied with a UK plug. If purchasing for use in a country outside the UK an additional adaptor/ converter may be required.

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Product Features

  • Amazing water show speakers
  • Water dances to the music
  • Illuminated by 4 LEDs
  • Connect to any music source with a 3.5mm jack
  • No batteries required (powered by USB or mains power)
  • Black rubberised base
  • UK Plug supplied
  • Measures approx. - 22cm x 6cm x 6cm (each)


  • 2 x Music speakers
  • 1 x USB power cable
  • 1 x mains power cable
  • 1 x audio cable

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⍟ I Bought these Fantastic Water Dancing Speakers for my Son just a few days ago, for such an AMAZING Price! He was absolutely astonished when he first tested them out, I also enjoy them as well! :D I Bought the Black ones because:

1. They Are BRILLIANT In The Dark / Good In The Light As Well!
2. Looks More Professional And Has A Great Tone.
3. My Kids Prefer Black :D

♩It Looks Amazing As The Water Bounces In the Air, Especially When The 'Bass Drops', I Would Recommend Buying This As it Has Such A Great Mood, Absolutely Breathtaking Experience For Such A Low Price!♩

I Have Not Yet Experienced Any Downsides To It As It Works As It Should, It Also Works On My TV As Well Which Is So Cool! Thanks For The Great Customer Service And Low Prices.
- Brandon ⍟

Disappointed - Review by Deb

Bought these speakers for my son last Christmas (2014) and ten month on the water has disappeared in one of them...having no box or receipt can't take them to the shop...not good red five as you can't refil them otherwise would of beena five star..got one disappointed son!!

RED5 says: “Hi there, I am sorry to hear that you are having some problems with your Water dancing speakers :( If you contact our customer service team at help@RED5.com they should be able to help :) ”

Good - Review by Alex

While I haven't experienced any sound related issue, I am extremely disappointed that the only visible colour is blue? I can see the other LED's but blue is the only real visible colour. I also found it frustrating how loud you have to play music for the water to squirt.

RED5 says: “Hi there Alex, sorry to hear you are disappointed with your Water Dancing Speakers. It sounds like you may have a faulty set! Please contact our CS team at help@red5.com and they will get this sorted.”

Wow! - Review by Harvey

I got them for my birthday and they work great! Not only are they good for music but they work as great mood lights! Good job RED5!

Upset - Review by Abbie

I bought these speakers and at first when I got home they were covered in goo and one had leaked and there was no water in it. So the next day I went and got another pair but the sound was crap and you could not hear the person singing in it, it was echoey and I expected for it to at least be good quality music played but it looks cool (the water) but what is the point of having a speaker when the music is bad. I really wanted them but it was a disappointment and I will be returning them and not buying anything else.

GREAT!!! - Review by Jacob

Bought these in black and they look very cool. work perfectly and have great sound quality. Certainly draw attention and cause problems when trying to work as they are so darn cool!
Only down side is they can sometimes cause clicking noises from the jets but isn't very noticeable and can only be heard at a volume old people would listen to music!
Rock On!!!!!

Cool! - Review by Amanda

Love them so much, I'm going to save for the 2.1 version!

Amazing - Review by Max

This product is amazing, I love them so much. My friend loves them so much he wanted to buy them off me. If you are thinking about buying them do it.

Good - Review by Paul

I love them, they are sooooooo goooooooooood. It looks sooooo goood at night.

Tidy! Lighty! - Review by Mothmas

RED5 get these back in stock now! I was gifted over the Holiday season, a pair of these water speakers. I was a trifle concerned because I had seen similar on other retailers' sites with negative reviews, primarily that they don't last for more than five minutes out the box. These, however are the boss. The sound is more than good enough for a pair of 'plastic bricks'. Please don't expect 250w of room shaking bass! Crank up (and connect) your iPod / Pad / Slab / phone and you're in for something amazing! Turn off the lights too! These ones last as well. 10/10.

AMAZING! - Review by R

The best speakers going, these are the best ones I've found. Other ones have rubbish reviews but would recommend the product - they're Amazing!!!!!

Brilliant - Review by Danny

Really good, worried they might look a bit tacky but look brilliant in black sat next to my xbox as they look very similar.
Tip: turn the music up loud or the water won't trigger well.

you will love this!! - Review by Katarina

This is such an amazing thing to buy! I bought this the other day for my cousin, she absolutely loves it! We also have kids sometimes in the house, but it keeps them entertained, calm and they also laugh hahaha. Anyway, its interesting how it works, and goes at the exact same time as the beat of the music. You'll need to buy this, hurry!

second try - Review by Jenny

The speakers are wonderful! I always look at them, love them so much <3 thanks for the nice customer service :)

Nice - Review by Wesley


Really good! - Review by Tobias

Got them today and I'm very happy about them but one thing I would like to know and can't find even on the net, is how long the power holds when fully charged.

RED5 says: “Hi there Tobias, unfortunately these speakers have to be powered by either the mains adapter or the USB cable so sadly you can't charge them, sorry. ”

Good, but broke easily. - Review by James

They work fantasticly well and was really pleased with the product. But I was a little disappointed when one side stopped working after a couple of hours. But when they were working they looked fantastic next to my mac!! Look best in the dark, great for parties!

Mesmerising! - Review by Nat

can't stop staring at them! They look and sound great, real eye catcher!

Brilliant! - Review by Vanessa

For their small size, the sound on these speakers is of surprisingly high quality. They are also visually entertaining with their brightly coloured lights and the water that shoots up along to the beat of the music. They are great for parties too - the lights in the speakers create a cool disco ball effect on the ceiling when the lights are off. I like that they are compact too, making them great for taking on holiday or even for chilling in the park. Great for summer!

Great Fun - Review by Sugra

Got these as a present, work brilliantly and qood quality sound had a few friends around and they all loved them. The water feature is precise to the beat and they fit well into my wall shelving.

Really cool - Review by Emma

I got these speakers for Christmas and they are definitely the best looking speakers I own, I have given 4 stars as it would be great if they were louder but I just love the way the water bounces to the beat.

Looks aren't everything... - Review by Steve

Similar experience to another reviewer - Worked great then one side mysteriously stopped working. Considering the price, it was disappointing. The sound quality was also something of an issue, as it was rather tinny. Overall, looks great, but perhaps looks aren't everything.

Great for nephews who have everything! - Review by Gerard

Bought these for my 12 year old nephew, who has everything and who's at that age where it's difficult to buy for. He LOVED them, really have an impact in terms of visuals and novelty value. Great for Aunties/Uncles who want to impress the offspring of their siblings!

Brilliant and fun! - Review by Siobhan

Bought these for my partner's sister as a Christmas present, she hasn't left them alone since! They're fun and surprisingly loud, definitely would recommend these.

Great gift - Review by Victoria

I bought these for my son as a Christmas present, in his words they look awesome and his friends were very impressed. They sometimes stop working but most of the time seem to be fine. Overall they look great but I'm not so sure about the quality.

RED5 says: “Hi Victoria, we're sorry to hear you're having problems - if you contact our lovely Customer Services team they should be able to help you out :)”

Water great gadget!!!!!!!! - Review by Marion

Bought these for my 17 yr old lad for Xmas - he can't get enough of them and when he set them up for us to see on Xmas day, five of us sat watching them in silence with glazed expressions for twenty minutes - they are utterly mesmerising! I want someone to buy me some now!

Amazing - Review by max

This product is amazing, I love them so much. My friend loves them so much he wanted to buy them off me. If you are thinking about buying them do it.