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If you rival Kim Kardashian in the selfie stakes, you’re looking to make your Instagram account even more awesome or just have a group of friends too big to fit in just one shot then we have just the thing to make your snaps even better!

When you only have your arms reach to work with it can be really tricky to get the perfect shot, but the Wide Angle Selfie Lens makes it easier than ever to get everything you want in one image. Subtler than a selfie stick and just as portable as your phone, this Wide Angle Lens provides an instant super-wide angle with one universally compatible clip on attachment. Small, lightweight and super handy, simply clip the lens onto the front or rear facing camera on your smartphone to achieve perfect panoramas or the ultimate group selfie!

This easy to use lens is compatible with Apple, Android and Windows devices, and even comes with a soft and velvety carry case and lens cap.

Product Features

  • Super wide angle clip on lens
  • Take the perfect selfie or panorama
  • Compatible with Apple, Android and Windows devices
  • Pocket sized and lightweight
  • 0.4 x angled lens
  • Includes lens cap and carry case
  • Measures approx. 7cm x 3cm x 3cm


  • Super wide angle lens
  • Velvet carry case
  • Lens cap

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