Wild West Gun Slinger

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Wild West Gun Slinger

Rootin' tootin' shootin'!

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Product Description

It’s not often that you get an old west cowboy that wants to call you out to a duel these days, but should the situation ever arise you would hope that you’ve got a bit of practice in before anyone shouts ‘draw’! 

The Wild West Gunslinger is here to help y’all become the ultimate gunslinger in all of town by testing out your shooting arm with 4 targets to hit. All you have to do is shoot down the bottles and cans on the log with your pistol, sounds easy enough right? Once you hit a target it will fly up off the log and into the air and you can shoot the targets from up to 20 feet away! Of course there aren’t real bullets inside these guns; just safe infra-red beams that connect with the targets and create realistic gun shot and ricochet sound effects.

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Product Features

  • Safe indoor shooting set
  • Shoot down the targets
  • Cans and bottle fly off the log when hit
  • Uses safe infra-red beams
  • Realistic gun shot and ricochet sounds
  • Test your aim from up to 20 feet away
  • Requires 4 x AAA and 2 x AA batteries

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