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Repetitive strain injuries don’t just affect tennis players at Wimbledon but also damages our fun loving water fighters. If you really love water fights but are barely able to throw a balloon past your own feet then get yourself a Wildsling and drench everyone within 300 feet of you!

The Wildsling is the best in summer accessories this year and is sure to get a water fight really riled up. All you need is two mates and a tap or other water source to get you started. Fill up your water balloons (don’t run to the shop just yet, 150 balloons are included!) and with your two pals at the front holding up the handles, you pull back the cords, get into a crouching position, aim and fire!

Fill the balloons with icy cold water or even try custard for a hilarious effect. We advise you use the Wildsling in a wide open space as it can rocket across distances up to 300 feet and you wouldn’t want to get your neighbours washing soaked.

This three man catapult is great for hot days basking in the sunshine and thanks to the carry case, you can take it anywhere with you.

Product Features

  • Three man catapult
  • Fire water balloons up to 300ft!
  • Hours of fun lie ahead
  • 150 water balloons included
  • Handy carry case
  • Easy to set up
  • Perfect for summer holidays


  • 1 x Wildsling launcher
  • 150 x Water balloons
  • 1 x Carry case

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