Wine Lock

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Wine Lock

Anti-theft device

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Product Description

There’s nothing like looking forward to relaxing with a glass of wine after a long hard day. Equally, there’s nothing worse than opening the fridge to find out some <insert appropriate swear word here> has got there first and drank all of your favourite tipple! There’s a wine thief on the loose and ­­­ there is only one way to stop them!

Forget plastering bottles with passive aggressive post it notes and invest in a Wine Lock instead. This clever bottle stopper will stop everyone helping themselves to your precious vino.  Place the Wine Lock in your bottle and set the four digit combination and be amazed at how your wine level is the same as when you left it. If you wanted to be very cheeky, you could even lock someone else’s wine – not that we would ever condone such behaviour.

Product Features

  • Protect your wine
  • Stop others helping themselves
  • 4 digit combination lock
  • Acts as bottle stopper too
  • Reseals bottle – stays fresher for longer
  • Fits most 17mm diameter bottles

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