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Sometimes just ordinary trinket boxes just won’t do. Maybe they’re too big, maybe they’re too small, but once in a while you find one that’s just right!

If you’re looking for the naughtiest trinket box around, then this un-bear-ably mischievous Woody Box from the brand new Bad Taste Bears collection is guaranteed to give you a few giggles! Looking as though lucky Woody has had an excellent night’s sleep, this cheeky bear is presented having a good old fashioned stretch after his evening slumber.

But hidden beneath Woody’s bed is a veritable treasure chest of trinkets to surprise and delight! Simply open Woody’s Box to reveal his collection, and then add a few bits and bobs of your own in there too! Made from high quality cold cast resin with a hand painted finish, this naughty box is the ideal place for all your smallest surprises!

Please note: the inside of the trinket box measures approx. 9cm x 4.5cm x 2cm

Product Features

  • Completely naughty novelty trinket box
  • Wake up like Woody!
  • Risqué ornament with a hidden compartment
  • Find out what’s hidden inside
  • From the Bad Taste Bears collection

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