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If you’re a film maker or dreaming of becoming one then the X-Lapse is a key piece of equipment to any young director’s bag of tricks. The X-Lapse allows film makers to take up to 360˚ sweeping time lapse films and gives photographers the chance to take amazing wide angle panoramic images. The universal camera mount has both male and female standard ¼ - 20 UNC tripod screw threads for mounting cameras onto the X-Lapse and for mounting the X-Lapse onto camera tripods. It’s ideal for holding lightweight action cameras or a standard camera with a time lapse feature (and under 750g). But don’t worry if you have a giant DSLR camera as the X-Lapse has integral fold out feet to support and distribute the weight for the bulkier sized cameras.

Even if you don’t have a fancy camera, you can use the detachable phone holder to securely hold your mobile phone in place. Using this in conjunction with the multitude of photography apps it can enable even the most inexperienced user to make flawless sweeping time lapse movies. Another great feature is the option to create super wide angle panoramic photos by using the X-Lapse to slowly sweep a panoramic view while taking intermittent shots.  After completing the video or panoramic shot, the X-Lapse will beep to inform you that it has completed the task.

Please note: The speed cannot be adjusted. One step equals one second.

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Product Features

  • Create 360˚ sweeping time lapse videos
  • Create 360˚ wide angle panoramic images
  • Male and female standard ¼ - 20 UNC tripod screw threads for mounting cameras and mounting the X-Lapse onto tripods
  • Ideal for lightweight cameras under 750 grams
  • Beeps once finished turning
  • Fold out integral feet for added support and weight distribution
  • Detachable holder for smartphones
  • Measures approx. 7.5cm x 5cm x 6cm

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum weight of camcorder/camera 750 grams
  • Tripod screw thread: male and female, standard ¼ - 20 UNC
  • Time lapse times and turns:
  • 90˚ - 15 minutes
  • 180˚ - 30 minutes
  • 270˚ - 45 minutes
  • 360˚ - 60 minutes
  • Weight: 99 grams


  • 1 x X-Lapse camera mount
  • 1 x Instructions manual 

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