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Just beat it.
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  • Turn your air drumming into actual awesome drum sounds
  • Practice silently through headphones
  • Like drumming, just without the physical drum kit!
  • Drum live on stage via MIDI or sample set
  • Perfect for home studios that need a funk injection
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If there’s one thing worse than the constant “BOOM boom boom boom” sound that reverberates through the walls of any building that is housing a drummer practising on a full kit, it’s the “CLACK clacka clackatack” that pierces the senses of anyone unlucky enough to be sharing a locale with a drummer practising on an electronic kit using headphones. Drums really are the most antisocial of all the musical instruments.

Until now, that is. Enter the Aerodrums. Quite literally transforming the air drumming that we all do along to our favourite Zep’ song into a genuine real musical instrument, it’s a complete reinvention of drumming – from near silent practice to full blown live drumming via MIDI with no physical kit!

In the box you’ll find two (remarkably well balanced) drumsticks with funny little reflective balls on the end, some slightly ridiculous looking foot straps, a lamp and a camera to plug into your PC or Mac. You’ll need to connect to the interwebs to download the software and samples (about 900mb worth, so not a small download) then after a little bit of setting up you’re good to go!

The high speed camera transposes your literal air drumming onto a virtual kit shown on your computer screen and plays back the appropriate samples; so if you hit the snare drum it’ll play a snare sound (the program uses over 150 samples for the snare drum, over 70 samples for each hand) if you hit a hi hat it’ll play a hi hat sound and so on and so forth. The technique can take a bit of getting used to but once you get the hang of it air drumming starts to feel as natural as bashing the real pots and pans. Aerodrums come with a wide selection of different kit setups for you to use, and as you advance further you can set up your own custom kits too.

But silent practising – whilst awesome in its own right – is not the only thing Aerodrums can offer. There are already touring musicians out there using Aerodrums in place of a real kit – something we feel can only be of benefit given the rather intimate confines of your average tour van – and with full MIDI support as well as compatibility with digital audio workstations and virtual instruments including Reaper 4, Garageband 10, Ableton Live 9 and Logic Pro X the creative possibilities are virtually endless.

So whether you’re a drummer with no space to practice or a bedroom producer wanting to introduce a more organic sound to your rhythm section you could do a lot worse than take a look at the Aerodrums. 

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  • 2 drumsticks with reflector balls
  • 2 footstraps with reflectors
  • High speed USB camera with lamp
  • Cardboard sunglasses
  • Instructions
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