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Atari Flashback 7

Pixel Perfect Old School Cool
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  • Relive classic gaming at its best
  • 101 preloaded retro classics
  • Show the kids how gaming used to be
  • Includes two wireless controllers
  • Works with original Atari peripherals
  • Includes Frogger, Breakout and Space Invaders
  • Awesome old school styling
  • Requires 4 x AAA batteries (not included)
  • Console measures approx. 23cm x 15cm x 6cm
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Nowadays, computer games are all “high poly this” and “super realistic that”. It’s all very impressive, but sometimes here at RED5 towers we find ourselves hankering for something simpler; we go all misty eyed thinking about blocky pixel sprites, single button joysticks and bleepy bloopy sound effects rather than hyper real 4K carnage and joypads with more buttons than we have digits.

So we come to the frankly awesome Atari Flashback 7 console. Now, whilst there are a lot of emulators for all sorts of different consoles out there, this one is a little bit special. Firstly, it’s based on the granddaddy of all consoles, the one that started it all off – the venerable Atari 2600. Its architecture is designed specifically to play games for the system, and the accuracy is pretty amazing. The Flashback 7 does offer a few key upgrades over the original though!

The most obvious improvement is that you can do away with that stack of dusty old cartridges; the Flashback 7 comes preloaded with 101 Atari classics including such happy memories as Space Invaders, Crystal Castles, Breakout, Missile Command and – in a first for the Flashback series – the amazing Frogger.

Another improvement is the two included super cool retro joystick controllers – not only are they much nicer to use and more accurate than the notoriously clunky Atari originals, they’re also completely wireless. So no more tripping over cables every time you need to pop to the fridge for a Panda Pop! What’s more, it’s even compatible with original Atari 2600 peripherals from back in the day, so if you like you can plug in your old wired joysticks or paddle controllers.

So if you’re like us and you fancy taking a step back in time to when hair was bigger, VHS was king and video games were a much simpler proposition then grab yourself an Atari Flashback 7 and relive all those happy pixelated memories. 

Game List

  • 3D Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Adventure
  • Adventure II
  • Air Raiders™
  • Air·SeaBattle
  • Aquaventure
  • Armor Ambush™
  • Asteroids®
  • Astroblast™
  • Atari Climber
  • Backgammon
  • Basketball
  • Black Jack
  • Bowling
  • Breakout®
  • Canyon Bomber™
  • Centipede™
  • Championship Soccer ™
  • Chase It
  • Circus Atari™
  • Combat®
  • Combat Two
  • Crystal Castles®
  • Dark Cavern™
  • Demons to Diamonds™
  • Desert Falcon®
  • Dodge 'Em
  • Double Dunk™
  • Escape It
  • Fatal Run
  • Flag Capture
  • Football
  • Frog Pond
  • Frogger
  • Frogs and Flies™
  • Front Line™
  • Fun with Numbers
  • Golf
  • Gravitar®
  • Hangman
  • Haunted House™
  • Home Run
  • Human Cannonball™
  • Indy 500
  • International Soccer™
  • Jungle Hunt
  • Maze Craze
  • Millipede™
  • Miniature Golf
  • Miss It
  • Missile Command®
  • Motorodeo
  • Night Driver™
  • Off The Wall
  • Outlaw
  • Polaris™
  • Pong (Video Olympics)
  • Radar Lock
  • Realsports® Baseball
  • Realsports® Basketball
  • Realsports® Soccer
  • Realsports® Volleyball
  • Return to Haunted House
  • Saboteur™
  • Save Mary
  • Sea Battle
  • Secret Quest
  • Shield Shifter
  • Sky Diver
  • Slot Machine
  • Slot Racers
  • Solaris
  • Space Attack™
  • Space Invaders™
  • Space War
  • Sprintmaster
  • Star Ship
  • Star Strike™
  • Steeplechase
  • Stellar Track™
  • Street Racer
  • Strip Off
  • Submarine Commander
  • Super Baseball
  • Super Breakout®
  • Super Challenge™ Baseball
  • Super Challenge™ Football
  • Super Football
  • Surround
  • Sword Fight™
  • Swordquest: Earthworld
  • Swordquest: Fireworld
  • Swordquest: Waterworld
  • Tempest®
  • Video Checkers
  • Video Chess
  • Video Pinball
  • Warlords®
  • Wizard
  • Yar’s Return
  • Yar’s Revenge®
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  • Atari Flashback 7 console
  • 1 x Player 1 joystick
  • 1 x Player 2 joystick
  • Power cable
  • Instruction manual
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