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BeepEgg Classic

For the best beeping eggs in town
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  • Boil perfect eggs every time
  • Three settings for three cooking styles
  • Soft, medium and hard boiled eggs
  • Plays a tune when eggs are ready
  • ‘Killing Me Softly’ ‘Chick Chick Chicken’ and ‘It’s a Heartache’
  • Same size as a standard egg
  • Can monitor as many eggs as you like
  • Store BeepEgg with you eggs for the best results
  • Rinse after use
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How do you like your eggs in the morning? No, we aren’t trying to chat you up, we genuinely want to know. We personally love a good boiled egg but getting the consistency right is a nightmare. How are you meant to know what it’s like on the inside without a see through shell?

There’s no need to crack under the pressure of boiling eggs as with the BeepEgg Classic, you will have, dare we say, egg-cellent eggs every time! All you have to do is drop the timer into the boiling water with your eggs and it will play sweet music when they are ready.

We understand that eggs are like steaks and that everyone wants them cooked to a different level which is egg-sactly why this ingenious timer comes with three cooking settings. Each mode will play a different tune when the cooking is complete – ‘Killing Me Softly’ for soft, dippy eggs, ‘Chick Chick Chicken’ for medium, and for picnic and salad, hard boiled eggs you will hear ‘It’s a Heartache’. These egg-ceptional timers will make sure your eggs are cooked to perfection every time without fail.

For best results, we would recommend storing your BeepEgg with your eggs, be that in the fridge or on the shelf so they all have the same starting temperature. When you are finished, simply rinse the timer and place back in the des-egg-nated area.

PS. Sorry for all the cracking egg puns.

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