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Candy Grabber 2

79% of 100
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  • Mini amusement arcade grabber
  • Fill it with sweets (ones with wrappers are best)
  • Uses tokens or coins
  • Measures approx. 32cm x 20cm x 17cm
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The next generation of candy grabbing has arrived in the home and it's every bit as entertaining as the one you fed with your pocket money as a kid. Half an hour later, 80p poorer, victorious with 10p worth of sweets; priceless!

Now you can have your own infuriatingly addictive machine, but this time you call the shots. You can put almost anything in there - just make sure it's grabbable. Then using either the tokens provided or your own hard earned cash, try to capture your prize before the quirky fairground music stops.

The Candy Grabber is great fun for children too. The perfect solution to problems involved with sharing out Christmas sweets. Varying sizes, different flavours, they all want the same one; let the impartial grabbing claw decide (combined with some skill of course).

Frustratingly addictive: yes. Lucrative: perhaps! Introduce your Candy Grabber to friends and who knows you might even make a few pennies. Tokens, what tokens?

Technical Specifications
  • Requires 3 x D batteries
  • 1 x Candy Grabber machine
  • 1 x bag of coins
  • 1 x instruction manual
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  1. 80%
    xmas present - Review by
    Children love sweets thats why they are so popular in the Wacky Warehouses. This is great fun and keep kids going for ages in the art of trying to grab not one but two or three sweets even if they drop them on the way down - great fun...
  2. 100%
    Brilliant product - Review by
    Sooo much fun had with this over Christmas..
  3. 100%
    Update! - Review by
    This new one works really well and it court everyone's eye! It's not to loud or qriet so that's great, everyone in my family had a go and won sweets! Thanks to red5, we have not only a happy me but the hole family and that claw machine has put a smile on everyones face! Thanks a lot red5 for selling this amazing toy!
  4. 60%
    OK - Review by
    The first one I got came the next day from ordering and the left and right controll did NOT work arpart from going right, contacted red5 and they were so helpfull the 3 stars are for them! I got a £10.00 vacher for my next older and a replacement, we had to send the broken one by mail.... WELL........... 3 weeks later it arrives, its OK and works OK but it is VERY slow and the battarys melt and rust after 4 goes! Got great for £33.00. It's now gone down to £24.00 and I olderd it AGAIN to see if this one works (as my other broke) havnt received it yep but when I do I'll tell you how I get on! UPDATE:
  5. 80%
    Not Just For Children - Review by
    Purchased this for my granddaughter as part of her Christmas present I know she will just love it! Also I think the grown ups will have a lot of fun on Christmas Day with this toy. I purchased some finger puppets to use as well as sweets (don't want to be accused of encouraging bad habits!)
  6. 20%
    a big disappointment - Review by
    Bought this for my son's birthday on Sunday, very upset when we put the batteries in and it didn't work !! Really poor !!

    RED5 says: “Hi there Sharon, we're sorry to hear your sons Candy Grabber doesn't work, unfortunately it sounds like you have a faulty one. Please contact us at [email protected] and our Customer Service Team will be able to help you.”

  7. 20%
    Let down at xmas by this product - Review by
    My nephew was delighted to see i had bought him the RED5 candy grabber, imagine the disappointment when the damn thing didn't work!!! Its not the batteries, its the machine. Looks like I've been sold a dud, poor show RED5 spoilt a kids xmas.

    RED5 says: “Hi there Paula, we are terribly sorry to hear you are having problems with your nephews Candy Grabber. Please contact our Customer Service Team at [email protected] and they will get this sorted for you.”

  8. 100%
    great - Review by
    I think it is great for kids and also them big kids in your life. It is great fun for the all the family.
  9. 80%
    Addictive, great present! Although... - Review by
    Me and my friend went in to the RED5 store in our local high street, and started playing the game. It is really addictive and fun, although the music gets really annoying after a while, and you don't actually have to put the penny/token fully in because it just senses it before it goes in. However, I would reccomend it to anyone, and it would make a really great present for a small child! :) Just be sure to be careful that the child isn't old enough to realise how to get the sweets out - there were some 12 yr old boys in the shop who tipped the machine upside down and got the sweets instantly!
  10. 100%
    Very good - Review by
    It was so good.
  11. 100%
    GREAT product!!!! - Review by
    I am rating this on behalf of my two children who are aged 6 and 4. They got it as a Christmas present and ABSOLUTELY love it!! It is not too hard or too easy and they have had hours of enjoyment already. In fact, we have had to take it off them or their teeth would have rotted away! Nothing to stop you from using toys or something similar either. Fun for the adults too. My one and only gripe is the music, which after an hour or two, really, really starts to grate on you. But that is really picking to find a fault. Kids LOVE it!!
  12. 80%
    OK Candy Grabber - Review by
    The Candy Grabber provided great entertainment during the Christmas holiday. The grabber works much better than I had imagined. The additional tokens for power-up was also a nice touch. Downside was the plastic glass can crack easily and the music cannot be turned down/off. It is quite loud. But considering there not a lot of candy grabber options in the toy market, I must say this was a treat!!
  13. 100%
    Grandads need this - Review by
    This machine is great. Every Grandparent should own one. Kids love it and it stops them eating sweets too quickly.
  14. 40%
    Dont Buy - Review by
    I bought this Candy Grabber little while ago and had to return it back twice already. I love this gadget but Its a battery eater. You have to change batteries after every 10-15 use and it will cost you a fortune. Even if you leave the batteries in it for few days they l all melt and rust. The sound is awful after 5-6 use. I m taking it back for the 3rd time today.

    RED5 says: \"Oh no! That's terrible news Aldo :( Sounds like you've got some pretty dodgy batteries there though. We have these out on demo in our stores at Xmas and rarely need to change the batteries.\"

  15. 100%
    Quality purchase - Review by
    I purchased this 'candy grabber' just as a bit of a laugh for my girlfriend for her birthday and she absolutley loved it. It wasnt her most expensive present by a mile but apparently her favorate, she was showing it of to everyone who came round. But most importantly it put a massive smile on her face. Take my word for it, its just as annoying and FUN as the grabbers at the arcade :D I deffinatly recoment this product * * * * *
  16. 100%
    fantastic - Review by
    fantastic just like being at the fun fair get so much fun out of it im so happy with it im buying a second later in the year for a family member