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Your brand new robot bestie!
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  • The super smart and super cute robot puppy!
  • CHiP features the next level of artificial intelligence
  • The intelligent and friendly dog which uses sensors and smart accessories
  • He’s always alert, happy and ready to play
  • CHiP uniquely shapes his personality to your behaviour
  • Train your pup to respond to voice commands
  • CHiP can sit, crouch down, shimmy, dance and make multiple noises
  • CHiP can recognise you and follow you through the Bluetooth SmartBand
  • Pair with your smartphone and CHiP follows instructions
  • Play fetch or football with CHiP’s SmartBall
  • CHiP returns to his SmartBed to recharge when he’s low on battery
  • Special wheel design facilitates omni-directional movement across different surfaces
  • Suitable for ages six and over
  • CHiP measures approx. 38cm x 30cm x 22cm
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Prepare to be overcome by a cuteness overload…

An interactive pet that’s so much more than a cool gadget, CHiP is man’s brand new best friend!

This incredibly cute and adorably irresistible robot puppy has got everyone here at RED5 swooning with excitement, and with very good reason! Using the next level of artificial intelligence, this incredibly clever robot puppy really is a technical breakthrough in robotics. Equipped with an adaptive personality, using intelligent algorithms and high tech sensors, this perfect pup has a character that grows and develops over time - with real time processing helping CHiP see, speak, listen and feel the world whilst he explores his environment independently.

The SmartBand allows your loyal robot companion to have all the qualities of a real pup, recognising you as his one and only owner, meaning he’ll greet you, follow you and play with you just like a real dog. You can even train CHiP’s personality with the choices you make through the SmartBand; if you encourage positive behaviour, CHiP will be super obedient, or encourage CHiP’s cheekier side by liking his more mischievous moments!

You can even play fetch with your cute canine companion, as CHiP comes with his very special Smartball accessory. Just like any doggy, CHiP loves to roll his ball, play fetch and will even have a kick around with you too! *Ridiculously cute warning* CHiP will pick up his front legs to dance with you and *eek* rub your nose on his nose and he will nuzzle right back. Eep.

Use your smartphone to truly understand your lovable pup using the interactive app. The app allows you to give commands like sit, crouch down, shimmy or dance, as well as make multiple doggy noises. The app means CHiP can communicate with you too, telling you exactly what he needs whenever he needs it!

And at the end of a tiring few days full of excitement, chasing balls and generally having lots of fun, CHiP will automatically recharge his batteries (literally and metaphorically) on his SmartBed. Awww!

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  • 1 x CHiP
  • 1 x SmartBall
  • 1 x SmartBand
  • 1 x SmartBed docking station
  • 1 x Instruction manual
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