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Clapperboard Light Box

In stock
  • Customisable Light Box
  • Ambient mood lighting
  • Turn your living room into a film set
  • Fully portable and battery powered
  • Powered by AA batteries (not included)
  • Includes dry wipe marker and eraser
  • Lit by internal LEDs
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Sometimes life feels just like the movies. You have a will they, won’t they thing going on with a certain someone, you’re constantly body rolling out of moving trains, and surviving life threatening explosions is just something you do. It’s all in a day’s work for you crazy daredevils. So if your life is just one big film set and the cameras are always rolling, we have the perfect thing to make your on screen escapades official.

The Clapperboard Light Box turns the cult classic into an everyday accessory, and a truly unique centrepiece for any film lover’s home. When the clapstick is raised, this lightbox looks just like any other common clapperboard, but when the clapstick shuts the light is activated and this enchanting box glows to illuminate its surroundings (shouting ‘action!’ is optional but highly recommended). There’s even two different brightness settings for those moodier scenes. Like most standard clapperboards, this light is fully customisable, giving the option to personalise your board with anything you fancy!

The LED Clapperboard Light Box is completely portable too, letting you shoot in all sorts of perilous locations with complete ease. So take it from the top and brighten your abode with this awesome Clapperboard Light Box, after all, life ain’t no dress rehearsal.

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