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Star Wars T-65 X Wing Starfighter Battling Quadcopter

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  • The most iconic ship from Star Wars, in drone form
  • With lasers so you can even battle other Star Wars drones
  • Super accurate control. It’s just like bagging Womp Rats back home
  • Crazy top speed of 35 mph to help you outrun Star Destroyers
  • Mega cool packaging with a musical surprise on opening
  • Measures approx. 15cm x 17cm x 5cm
  • Flying drones is subject to CAA guidelines; please see here for more details.
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If there’s one thing that sums up everything that’s awesome about the Star Wars universe it’s a T-65 X-Wing Fighter with its S-foils locked in position skimming the surface of the Death Star (or the Lake District, if The Force Awakens is your thing) with laser blasts firing from its wing mounted cannons. Sadly most of us will never have the opportunity to pilot an X-Wing in space combat, but we reckon this amazing X-Wing quadcopter is the next best thing.

It features reverse propulsion blades mounted underneath the body of the drone which as well as making it look super awesome give it a frankly slightly ridiculous top speed of over 35 mph. It also has a button dedicated to super slick barrel rolls and an app-based training mode that will help advanced pilots improve their skills as well as teaching beginners the basics of flight. However, by far the most important feature of the X-Wing Quadcopter is that it has LASERS.

That’s right – not only can you pretend to be Luke Skywalker piloting his Starfighter with pinpoint accuracy down a tiny trench in the surface of the Death Star, you can also pair up with a friend (or 23 friends) with other Propel Star Wars Battling Quadcopters to re-enact any number of epic space battles from the classic space opera.

Just to add the icing on the cake of awesome, each quad is individually numbered and comes in awesomely stylish black packaging that has a very cool surprise waiting when you open it. We won’t tell you what it is but trust us, it’s pretty special.

 The T-65 X Wing Star Fighter Battling Quadcopter even comes with a spare LiPo battery to keep you in the air for longer, a Rebel white controller and the essential USB wall charger. 

Flying drones is subject to CAA guidelines; please see here for more details.

Please note: this product is excluded from all coupon code offers.
  • 1 x Star Wars T-65 X Wing Quadcopter
  • 1 x Controller
  • 2 x Lithium ion quadcopter batteries
  • 1 x Storage box
  • 1 x USB charging cable
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