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Crossbow Stealth 2.0

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  • Fun toy crossbow
  • Made by Petron
  • Comes with 12 suction cup darts
  • Super powerful
  • Fires darts approx. 60 feet
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Great for kids and adults
  • Surprisingly accurate
  • Rear and front sights
  • Measures approx. 56cm x 40cm x 14cm
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Get your archery fix with this awesome Crossbow Stealth 2.0. The crossbow stealth is a ruthless beast and really packs a punch. The simple design of the crossbow keeps it looking sleek and the orange accents give it a cool vibe. Because it’s made from plastic, its super light and ridiculously easy to use. The suction cups on the darts enable them to stick to smooth flat surfaces, especially when fired at high speeds. The range of this crossbow is 60 foot but if you can beat it, you will get a well-deserved pat on the back from us!

Now you can re-enact the Battle of Hastings (tip: don't volunteer to play King Harold!) whenever you fancy. The Crossbow Stealth 2.0 comes in two separate parts in the box and is easily assembled with just one screw and a small screwdriver. The unique safety mechanism makes sure that the trigger system will not allow firing until a dart is loaded.

A cardboard cut-out target is included on the box but if you really want to test your skills, you should team this purchase up with the Crossbow Target 400!

  • 1 x Crossbow Stealth 2.0
  • 6 x Orange suction cup darts
  • 6 x Black suction cup darts
  • 1 x Attachment plate
  • 1 x Screw
  • 1 x Manual
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  1. 100%
    Awesome stress buster - Review by
    Bought this for a friend as a stress buster. She absolutely loves it. Good construction, feels sturdy, and a good range. Very satisfying to shoot.
  2. 100%
    Really great fun!! - Review by
    This is a great gift for anyone who enjoys archery. It is well made and good quality.
  3. 100%
    crossbow - Review by
    This is just amazing. bought for my sons birthday, just loves it. set loads of targets up. very good range on darts. would definitely buy another
  4. 100%
    Just fantastic - Review by
    Great fun, you wont want to put it down. Glad I got one.
  5. 100%
    Awesome! Fantastic Present! Proper Big Boy's Toy, Buy It!! - Review by
    I bought this crossbow for my husband as a Christmas present and I wasn't disappointed. First of all, it's packaged well and looks great in the box. There's also a target on the back. Now, my husband is really into archery and target shooting and owns his own bow, so the idea was that he would be able to use this indoors, but if it was just a plastic toy, I knew he'd be disappointed - he wasn't! The bow is great quality and looks like the real deal. It has plenty of suction darts so you can fire quite a few times before reloading. It's very accurate as well and the target on the back of the box makes a great target. It was a great gift and he hasn't stopped playing with it since. This product is excellent value for money and excellent quality. It is the ultimate boy's toy and I would recommend it to anyone, whether you like archery or not. It's s fantastic product that anyone will get a lot of enjoyment from.
  6. 100%
    One of the best presents ever!! - Review by
    We bought this crossbow along with the target as a Christmas gift for our 9 year old son. He absolutely loves it, and has spent ages shooting arrows at the target. We are really pleased with it. One thing I would say is that it is pretty powerful, so he is under strict instructions not to shoot it at anyone.
  7. 100%
    Great present - Review by
    Excellent gift fires magnificently and aims quite well too. I suggest thirs to all people who love great weapons
  8. 100%
    Best XMAS Present Ever - Review by
    Got this for Christmas and took it straight out of the box set it up and didn't put it down (except to do this review), LOVE IT!!!
  9. 100%
    Daryll Dixon Move Over! - Review by
    Had this given to me as an early christmas present and absaloutly love it! Really sturdy build and looks fantastic. Then when you actually load the dart and fire it it flys powerfully and accurately-the safelty is also a very nice feature. Would definitely recommend this crossbow to any aspiring Archer! All i need now is a few zombies-Daryl Dixon move over!!!
  10. 100%
    Accurate and sturdy - great gift - Review by
    Easy to load and fires accurately! Built to last as I've had this for over 5 months and the bow string still doesn't need replacing.
  11. 100%
    Awesome XBow - Review by
    Very sturdy and strong fires straight and with a very precise aim! The darts stick well to smooth surfaces. Me and my office mates are having a blast with it.
  12. 100%
    Totally Recommend this - Review by
    This Product is made with a very hard material and is very sturdy and doesn't break like other cheap crossbows. Very, Very powerful and very good darts. I certainly recommend this product 10/10