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DIY Speaker Kit

Build Your Own Boombox
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  • Create an amazing speaker out of almost anything
  • Creates a portable amplifier that provides music on the go
  • A fantastic project for any aged ten and over
  • Learn about diodes, resistors and capacitators
  • Plug the speaker into your smartphone and music player
  • Requires a soldering iron, wire cutters and a 9V battery
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Here at RED5 we love a project. And who can blame us? There’s something incredibly cool about putting pieces together, getting everything in the right place and ending up with something awesome at the end. So if you fancy getting on board with the same sense of smug satisfaction, we think you’ll love this DIY Speaker Kit.

This fabulous kit gives you almost everything you need to build a DIY speaker from scratch, turning random household items into amazing portable speakers. So if want to discover how to turn a balloon, a cardboard box or even your little brother (we’re not even kidding!) into an incredibly cool portable speaker, you’ve come to the right place.

Simply follow the instructions provided in the kit, and if you fancy on YouTube too, and have an incredibly satisfying time connecting diodes, resistors and capacitators, and before you know it you’ll be soldering like a real pro. All you need are some wire cutters, a soldering iron and a 9V battery!

You’re then free to experiment with materials, surfaces and objects to create the most amazing sounds from your newly built speaker. Use your music player to amplify your world and turn the objects you love into awesome boom blasters, and you’ll no doubt be impressing an amazed audience of family and friends in an instant!

Please note: a soldering iron is required to build the speaker.

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