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Game Boy Heat Change Mug

Hot Handheld
Out of stock
  • Official Nintendo Game Boy mug
  • Heat-changing decal transforms before your eyes
  • With Super Marioland start screen and gameplay decal
  • Have a nostalgia trip over tea!
  • Approximately 300ml capacity
  • Measures approx. 9cm x 8cm x 8cm
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There’s a tiny ping of nostalgia going off once again in the RED5 office, as this particular item crosses our desks. For those of you who don’t remember the Game boy… ah, it was a magical time, a time of running up and down, fighting monsters as Mario, monkeying around with Donkey Kong, having a bash at the geometric chaos of Tetris, or even demonstrating one’s mastery of Shaq Fu (does anyone even remember Shaq Fu?). Now, relive something of those glorious old days of handheld genius with this Game Boy Heat Change mug.

The mug's default cold state shows a blank Game Boy screen, as well as accurate 2D representations of the layout of a Game Boy. Pour hot water in, however, and the screen transforms into an image of Super Mario himself with Princess Daisy on one side and a start screen for Super MarioLand on the other. The rest of the mug is a solid 300ml piece, perfect for any beverage (especially hot ones) that you might want.

So enjoy a nostalgia trip with your coffee or tea: we can’t bring back the past, but we can make the memories taste more sweet.

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