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Harry Potter Bath Robe

The boy that chilled
In stock
  • Officially licensed Harry Potter dressing gown
  • The Sorting Hat has chosen…Gryffindor!
  • Soft back robe with red lining
  • Features the Gryffindor crest
  • Complete wizard sleeves and pointed hood
  • One size fits most adults
  • Made from 100% snuggly polyester 
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When you first move to Hogwarts you quickly start to realise that it’s not quite as warm or comfortable as it first appears. Even when you have cool wizarding powers, a huge fireplace and plenty of friends to share your dormitory, drafty doors, single glazed windows and cold stone floors make all those creature comforts a little hard to come by.

So any student of magic heading off for a new term is going to need an extra piece of uniform on their shopping list from Diagon Alley. This officially licenced Harry Potter Bathrobe lets any Gryffindor stay warm and snuggled all year round, no matter how many spells are cast in your direction! Styled like the wizarding robes, this awesome black dressing gown displays the Gryffindor crest on the chest as well as the cool red lining on the inside. And they really wouldn’t be proper robes without the styled wizard’s sleeves and long pointed hood, keeping you nicely tucked in after a long Quidditch match in the cold.

With two front pockets and detachable sash, you can wear your house colours with pride and chill out like a true wizarding wonder!

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