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Headonizm Head Massager

98% of 100
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  • Lightweight
  • Unique design
  • Enables greater stimulation of nerve endings
  • Helps to release feel good endorphins
  • Measures approx. 23cm
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Modern day life has its fair amount of stress for most of us. If you work 9 to 5, 5 days a week you'll probably be all too familiar with the terms, deadline, workload, multi-tasking and working late. When you do manage to get away from your office desk after a hard day you then have to crawl through the rush hour traffic (which is made even worse if you're using public transport) and then think about what is for dinner.

We think it's fair, after all of the above, that you treat yourself to some 'me' time. So take the phone off the hook, dim the lights, get out the smelly candles, and try the relaxing Head Massager. All you need to do is slowly push the massager down over your head and then raise it again. Each time you do this the metal flexible fingers massage your scalp, sending a sensual feeling across your head, down your spine and throughout your body. The sensation is even better if you can get someone to do it for you!

If you are in the least bit sceptical why don't you pop down to your nearest store and try it for yourself. We know you won't be disappointed!

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  1. 100%
    Simply amazing!!! - Review by
    What an amazing product. After a few seconds use, the effects could be felt all over. Hard to describe it exactly, but the word \"sensational\" would be close to the mark!
  2. 100%
    Perfect gift for anyone you love xxx - Review by
    Give this as a gift to anyone you love... Great gift for couples! Relaxing tingly and a real talking point at parties!! Had one years ago...I'm on a mission to make sure every household has one... In fact the NHS should make them a standard issue piece of first aid equipment! Best gift ever :)
  3. 100%
    Absolute Bliss - Review by
    Just bought this gadget from Hamleys yesterday... I've hardly put it down!! After a few moments you are put into a complete state of relaxation which goes all the way through your body...just what you need after a full on day! Don't hesitate to buy one ... Stuck for a gift buy one ... The price is a superb too! Stressful days have never so ended well!
  4. 100%
    Really popular! - Review by
    I bought this as a secret Santa gift, for a fiver where else are you going to get something which is fun and useful too!
  5. 100%
    Feel good item! - Review by
    This item is not only relaxing and satisfying, it is also reasonably priced. I would recommend this to anyone.
  6. 100%
    Awsome - Review by
    This Idea is brilliant, it's great! I love it either before watching a movie or going to bed it just gets all the thoughts out your mind and generally just relaxes you! For the price it is it is awesome!
  7. 100%
    really relaxing - Review by
    I love this as does my son, it's great after a hard day at work and it helps my son sleep on a night. It's a good price also!!!
  8. 80%
    A fantastic gift - Review by
    The Headonism head massager is so simple yet so effective. It's really relaxing, and takes just a few quiet moments to have an effect; easily portable which means no matter where you are you can be assured of stress relief on-hand.
  9. 100%
    Head Massager - Review by
    These things are amazing. Dont just use them on your head. We use them on elbows and knees and the result is fantastic. Once you pick it up you wont be able to put it down. Leave it on your coffee table and your friends will not resist playing massage parlours in your home.